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If you are looking for extra kitchen or dining room storage, a baker’s rack may be the exact piece of furniture you need. Baker’s racks are very versatile because, fundamentally, they are made for storage but can easily act as a decorative piece, depending on what items are put on display. Also baker’s racks do not need to be confined to just the kitchen or dining room — get creative and use a baker’s rack in a home office or bedroom. The Baker’s Rack Store by Home Gallery Stores features a variety of shapes and styles at affordable prices, so you can find one perfect for your home.

Traditionally, baker’s racks were made of iron or another metal and had shelves to help cool a baker’s goods, like bread or pastries. Today, baker’s racks come in a variety of materials, colors and styles with different features. Use a baker’s rack to store and display additional dinnerware, glassware, recipe books, large pots and pans, wine bottles, fresh flowers, or other kitchen accessories. Or look for a baker’s rack and side board combination so you will have room to store extra table linens or other items you may not want everyone to see.

There are plenty of other non-traditional ways to use a baker’s rack as well — think in a home office or bedroom. Maybe you are looking for a curio cabinet or bookcase but want a more casual look; a baker’s rack can easily be used instead. Add some trays or storage cubes to display your collections or organize papers and electronic equipment. Another great feature of baker’s racks is that they are typically fairly lightweight (especially compared to curio cabinets) and can easily be moved when rearranging furniture.

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