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Organize your books and display your collectibles in a durable and stately bookcase from The Bookcase Store by Home Gallery Stores. Whether you are looking for a traditional wooden bookshelf or a contemporary metal bookcase, you will easily find one to fit the look of your home office, study or den. Bookcases are becoming more commonplace in non-traditional rooms of the home as well. Adding a bookcase in a bedroom or dining room gives dimension, storage, and extra space for decorating. Styling bookcases is one of the best ways to incorporate different accessories to give each room personality. There are several types of bookcases to serve different purposes. No matter what design you decide on, The Bookcase Store by Home Gallery Stores has a vast selection to choose from.

Cube bookcases are a more modern style that makes it easy to organize and showcase items. This type is characterized by the different cubed areas where you could arrange books based on subject, author or whatever your preference is. Then to incorporate more of your personal style, use some of the cubes to display figurines, photos or other items special to you.

The distinguishing features of a bookcase wall are their size — consisting of many shelves and several panels make these the largest type of bookcase. Because of their sheer size, this type of bookcase would look best in spacious studies or home offices, where they will not overwhelm the look of a room and tend to have more traditional style.

An open bookcase is the standard type of bookcase, with a back, sides, shelves and open front. Even though this is a classic style, many manufacturers are using uncommon materials or other details to create truly unique designs.

Leaning and Ladder Bookcases are a very popular, contemporary type of bookcase. This type of bookcase has heavier shelves on the bottom that become narrower at the top. Since this bookcase literally leans against the wall, it is best to keep bulkier items on the bottom and top shelves uncluttered, so as to evenly distribute weight.

An étagère is characterized by a series of open-ended shelves. Étagères were popular during 18th century France and typically are made of unusual woods or have intricate designs for an elegant and sophisticated style.

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Craftsman Home Door Bookcase, Riverside, Craftsman Home Collection
Riverside Craftsman Home Collection
Model # 2937
Free shipping
Porter Large Bookcase, Ashley, Porter Collection
Ashley Porter Collection
Model # H697-17
Bookcase in Cadence White, Pulaski, Accents Collection
Pulaski Accents Collection
Model # 549115
Brookhaven Right Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Brookhaven Collection
Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Collection
Model # 281-10-542
Belmeade Bookcase, Riverside, Belmeade Collection
Riverside Belmeade Collection
Model # 15837
Free shipping
Brookhaven Left Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Brookhaven Collection
Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Collection
Model # 281-10-541
Del Ray Door Curio Bookcase in Dark Oak, Pulaski, Curios Collection
Pulaski Curios Collection
Model # 21425
Free shipping
Canyon Ridge 72" Bookcase w/ Doors, Winners Only, Canyon Ridge Collection
Winners Only Canyon Ridge Collection
Model # GC23272BD
Tribecca Bookcase Console, American Drew, Tribecca Collection
American Drew Tribecca Collection
Model # 912-926
Telluride Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Telluride Collection
Hooker Furniture Telluride Collection
Model # 370-10-265R
Free shipping
Bristol Court Sliding Door Bookcase, Riverside, Bristol Court Collection
Riverside Bristol Court Collection
Model # 24537
Free shipping
Brookhaven Complete Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Brookhaven Collection
Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Collection
Model # 281-10-541R
Free shipping
Brookhaven Tall Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Brookhaven Collection
Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Collection
Model # 281-10-422
Free shipping
Cantata 76" Bookcase, Riverside, Cantata Collection
Riverside Cantata Collection
Model # 4934
Free shipping
Westbury Bunching Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Westbury Collection
Hooker Furniture Westbury Collection
Model # 5135-10445
Free shipping
Open Bookcase, Parker House, Venezia Collection
Parker House Venezia Collection
Model # VEN#430R
Promenade Sliding Door Bookcase, Riverside, Promenade Collection
Riverside Promenade Collection
Model # 84536
Free shipping
Bookcase Wall, Parker House, Barcelona Collection
Parker House Barcelona Collection
Model # BAR#450R
Tynecastle Bunching Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Tynecastle Collection
Hooker Furniture Tynecastle Collection
Model # 5323-10446
Free shipping
European Renaissance II Double Bookcase without Ladder & Rail, Hooker Furniture, European Renaissance II Collection
Hooker Furniture European Renaissance II Collection
Model # 374-10-226
Free shipping
6-Piece Wellington Library Wall, Parker House, Wellington Collection
Parker House Wellington Collection
Model # WEL#420R
Wendover Utility Bookcase Pedestal, Hooker Furniture, Wendover Collection
Hooker Furniture Wendover Collection
Model # 1037-11304
Corner Bookshelf, Coaster, Bookcases Collection
Coaster Bookcases Collection
Model # 800268
Latitude Bunching Bookcase, Hooker Furniture, Latitude Collection
Hooker Furniture Latitude Collection
Model # 5167-10445
Free shipping
Cross Island Large Door Bookcase, Ashley, Cross Island Collection
Ashley Cross Island Collection
Model # H319-18
84" Bookcase, Aspen Home, Canyon Creek Collection
Aspen Home Canyon Creek Collection
Model # WCK3484-DRF
Chelsea Square Student Bookcase, Liberty, Chelsea Square Collection
Liberty Chelsea Square Collection
Model # 628-BR201
White Etagere Bookcase, Pulaski, Accents Collection
Pulaski Accents Collection
Model # 597169
Burkesville Large Bookcase, Ashley, Burkesville Collection
Ashley Burkesville Collection
Model # H565-17
Nova Qwik 2-Door 5-Shelf Bookcase with Tempered Glass Door Front in Grey, Diamond Sofa, Nova Qwik Collection
Diamond Sofa Nova Qwik Collection
Model # FCG5DG
St. Ives Bunching Bookcase, Liberty, St. Ives Collection
Liberty St. Ives Collection
Model # 260-HO201
Free shipping
Carlyle Large Bookcase, Ashley, Carlyle Collection
Ashley Carlyle Collection
Model # H371-17
Farmhouse Leaning Bookcase, Liberty, Farmhouse Collection
Liberty Farmhouse Collection
Model # 139-BK202
Cross Island Complete Bookcase, Ashley, Cross Island Collection
Ashley Cross Island Collection
Model # H319-18R
Free shipping
Heritage Oak Bookcase with Doors, Winners Only, Heritage Oak Collection
Winners Only Heritage Oak Collection
Model # HM132BDR
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Hamlyn Medium Bookcase, Ashley, Hamlyn Collection
Ashley Hamlyn Collection
Model # H527-16
Items 1-36 of 837 1 2 3 ... 24
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