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Memorial Day SALE - up to 25% off over 40 brands - Shop the Sale
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If you are looking for a sophisticated way to store entertaining and serving necessities, then a buffet or sideboard may be just the piece of furniture you need. A buffet or sideboard is also a wonderful addition for when you need to serve large spreads of food and drink and want to keep your dining table clear. Buffets...

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North Shore Server, Ashley, North Shore Collection
Ashley North Shore Collection
Model # D553-60
Free shipping
Whitesburg Dining Room Server, Ashley, Whitesburg Collection
Ashley Whitesburg Collection
Model # D583-60
Larchmont Buffet, Ashley, Larchmont Collection
Ashley Larchmont Collection
Model # D442-80
Northshore Buffet, Ashley, North Shore Collection
Ashley North Shore Collection
Model # D553-80
Free shipping
Lacey Server, Ashley, Lacey Collection
Ashley Lacey Collection
Model # D328-60
Hayley Buffet, Ashley, Hayley Collection
Ashley Hayley Collection
Model # D480-80
Whitesburg Dining Room Server, Ashley, Whitesburg Collection
Ashley Whitesburg Collection
Model # D583-59
Demarlos Dining Room Server, Ashley, Demarlos Collection
Ashley Demarlos Collection
Model # D693-60
Haddigan Dining Room Server, Ashley, Haddigan Collection
Ashley Haddigan Collection
Model # D596-60
Ridgley Server, Ashley, Ridgley Collection
Ashley Ridgley Collection
Model # D520-80
Ralene Dining Room Server, Ashley, Ralene Collection
Ashley Ralene Collection
Model # D594-60
Birnalla Dining Room Server, Ashley, Birnalla Collection
Ashley Birnalla Collection
Model # D585-60
Krinden Dining Room Server, Ashley, Krinden Collection
Ashley Krinden Collection
Model # D653-60
Larchmont Buffet -- CLEARANCE, Ashley, Larchmont Collection
1 left in stock
Ashley Larchmont Collection
Model # D442-80-TCS
Lanquist Dining Room Server, Ashley, Lanquist Collection
Ashley Lanquist Collection
Model # D681-60
Owingsville Dining Room Server, Ashley, Owingsville Collection
Ashley Owingsville Collection
Model # D580-59
Shallibay Dining Room Server, Ashley, Shallibay Collection
Ashley Shallibay Collection
Model # D586-65
Mestler Dining Room Server, Ashley, Mestler Collection
Ashley Mestler Collection
Model # D540-160
Emerfield Dining Room Server, Ashley, Emerfield Collection
Ashley Emerfield Collection
Model # D563-60
Kraleene Dining Room Server, Ashley, Kraleene Collection
Ashley Kraleene Collection
Model # D567-60
Arrowtown Dining Room Server, Ashley, Arrowtown Collection
Ashley Arrowtown Collection
Model # D552-60
Riggerton Dining Room Server, Ashley, Riggerton Collection
Ashley Riggerton Collection
Model # D572-60
Danimore Dining Room Server, Ashley, Danimore Collection
Ashley Danimore Collection
Model # D473-60
Watson Dining Room Server, Ashley, Watson Collection
Ashley Watson Collection
Model # D541-65
Gavelston Dining Room Server, Ashley, Gavelston Collection
Ashley Gavelston Collection
Model # D532-60
Tripton Dining Room Server, Ashley, Tripton Collection
Ashley Tripton Collection
Model # D530-76
Items 1-26 of 26

and credenzas can also be known as servers or sideboards. Credenzas, buffets, servers, and sideboards come in many sizes and shapes. The majority of bases are wooden but you can also find metal and some upholstered. Tops can be in a variety of materials, such as stone, metal, marble, leather or wood. No matter your style, chances are you will be able to find one in The Buffet/Sideboard Store by Home Gallery Stores that is perfect for your living or dining room.

In the 16th century, a credenza was a verb — it was the act of tasting food and drinks meant for a lord or important person by a servant who was checking for poison. Today, a credenza/buffet/server/sideboard is a beautiful piece of furniture that traditionally is made of wood, has a central cupboard, double glass doors and has a marble or decorative stone top. No matter what term you want to use, a buffet, server, credenza or sideboard are great for those that like to entertain because they provide the extra space to store serving plates and utensils, as well as a place to put out the spread. When picking out the piece for you, consider what you will particularly be using your buffet/sideboard for. Some come with built in wine storage, others are better for storing glassware and silverware. Also be sure to measure how much space you have to work with; buffets can often be larger than a picture would lead you to believe. Measuring helps you know what size will look best in your home and avoid a return because a piece is not the size you expecting.

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