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Why not give your living room a new look by adding an unexpected focal point? A chaise lounge is great way to refresh your décor. Chaise lounges provide the ultimate in form and functionality; they come in many different styles and are made for stretching out and relaxing.

For most people, when they hear the words...

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Hogan Duraplush Mocha Pressback Chaise ( 2-arm), Ashley, Hogan Collection
Ashley Hogan Collection
Model # 5780204
Laryn Chaise, Benchcraft Furniture, Laryn Collection
Benchcraft Furniture Laryn Collection
Model # 5190215
Vendome Chaise w/ 2 Pillows, Acme Furniture, Vendome Collection
Acme Furniture Vendome Collection
Model # 96491
Marcella Chaise, Palliser Furniture, Marcella Collection
Palliser Furniture Marcella Collection
Model # 77563-06
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Raim Chaise, Global, Raim Collection
Global Raim Collection
Model # 820-BL
Chaise Lounge Sofa in # 2 Cover, Orleans International, Accent Collection
Orleans International Accent Collection
Model # 4193A
Free shipping
Victoria Palace Leather Armless Chaise, AICO, Victoria Palace Collection
AICO Victoria Palace Collection
Model # 61941-DPBRN-29
Free shipping
Momentum Magenta Chaise, Bernards, Upholstery Collection
Bernards Upholstery Collection
Model # 2828C
Dogwood Chaise Lounge Chair, Meadowcraft, Dogwood Collection
Meadowcraft Dogwood Collection
Model # 7615400-01
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Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge, Crosley, Palm Harbor Collection
Crosley Palm Harbor Collection
Model # CO7122-BR
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Ryanne Chaise Lounge in Brown Top Grain Leather, Pulaski, Accents Collection
Pulaski Accents Collection
Model # 404015
Free shipping
Coronado Adjustable Chaise, Sunset West, Coronado Collection
Sunset West Coronado Collection
Model # 2101-9
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Cardiff Single Chaise, Sunset West, Cardiff Collection
Sunset West Cardiff Collection
Model # 2901-9
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Claremore Chaise, Ashley, Claremore Collection
Ashley Claremore Collection
Model # 8430315
Anondale Chaise Lounge with 3 Pillows, Acme Furniture, Anondale Collection
Acme Furniture Anondale Collection
Model # 15035
Danely Sofa Chaise, Ashley, Danely Collection
Ashley Danely Collection
Model # 3550018
San Marino Sila Raisin Chaise Lounge, Bernards, Upholstery Collection
Bernards Upholstery Collection
Model # 2824C
Mallbern RAF Corner Chaise, Ashley, Mallbern Collection
Ashley Mallbern Collection
Model # 9700317
Mackenzie Chaise, Paul Robert, Mackenzie Collection
Paul Robert Mackenzie Collection
Model # 341-17.4953_3032
Free shipping
Cream Microfiber Chaise Lounge, Coaster, Chaise Lounges Collection
Coaster Chaise Lounges Collection
Model # 500029
Velvet Tufted Chaise Lounge - Aubergine, Skyline Furniture, Chaise Lounges Collection
Skyline Furniture Chaise Lounges Collection
Model # 8087VA
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Beamerton Heights Chaise, Ashley, Beamerton Heights Collection
Ashley Beamerton Heights Collection
Model # 3060515
Velvet Tufted Chaise Lounge - White, Skyline Furniture, Chaise Lounges Collection
Skyline Furniture Chaise Lounges Collection
Model # 6006W
Free shipping
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Chloe RAF Chaise, Sam Moore, Chloe Collection
Sam Moore Chloe Collection
Model # 6623
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Chaise, Coaster, Accent Seating Collection
Coaster Accent Seating Collection
Model # 550078
Lochian Chaise, Ashley, Lochian Collection
Ashley Lochian Collection
Model # 5810015
Oppulente LAF Chaise, AICO, Oppulente Collection
AICO Oppulente Collection
Model # 67842-RDGLD-52
Free shipping
Versailles Chaise, Acme Furniture, Versailles Collection
Acme Furniture Versailles Collection
Model # 96542
Vendome Chaise w/ 2 Pillows, Acme Furniture, Vendome Collection
Acme Furniture Vendome Collection
Model # 96485
Clarissa Carmel Chaise, Bernards, Upholstery Collection
Bernards Upholstery Collection
Model # 2830C
Paulie Taupe DuraBlend Chaise, Ashley, Paulie DuraBlend Collection
Ashley Paulie DuraBlend Collection
Model # 2700015
Fairfax Chaise, Acme Furniture, Fairfax Collection
Acme Furniture Fairfax Collection
Model # 50342
Kimbra Chaise with Pillow, Acme Furniture, Kimbra Collection
Acme Furniture Kimbra Collection
Model # 96198
Victoria Chaise, Paul Robert, Victoria Collection
Paul Robert Victoria Collection
Model # 177-17.TUFT.PATCHES
Free shipping
Hannin Chaise, Ashley, Hannin Collection
Ashley Hannin Collection
Model # 9580115
Velvet Tufted Chaise Lounge - Light Gray, Skyline Furniture, Chaise Lounges Collection
Skyline Furniture Chaise Lounges Collection
Model # 8087VLG
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Items 1-36 of 405 1 2 3 ... 12

‘chaise lounge’, the first image that comes to mind is a more formal, traditional style for use in a living or sitting room. However, chaise lounges come in a variety of styles for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoor chaise lounges can be used in a family room, living room, study, or bedroom for a variety of purposes from serving as a stately accent piece or to be a place to relax and read the Sunday paper with a cup of coffee. Make sure that you know what purpose your chaise lounge will serve and that the style and comfort level reflects it.

Chaise lounges do not have to be formal — there are a range of options to fit many different looks and match the current furnishings in your home. There are those that can add a more chic, vintage feel or ones that are sleek and modern. Chaise lounges also come in a variety of fabrics from leather to plush microfibers and can be found in a mix of colors or patterns.

Even though it is last on the list, size is arguably the main concern to consider once you have decided on the type of chaise lounge you are looking for. Once you have picked an area for your chaise lounge, think about the style that will best fit that space. Will it be sitting facing out and taking up more depth? Or will it be flush and taking up more length? Make sure to measure the area because many people are surprised to find the variety of sizes chaise lounges come in.

Check out The Chaise Lounge Store by Home Gallery Stores to see all the options and find one that fits your fancy.

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