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Refresh your entryway or living room with a glass, wood, metal or stone-top console or sofa table. From the sleek and timeless to coastal chic to industrial and everything in between, The Console/Sofa Table Store by Home Gallery Stores has a look to fit anyone’s decorating style. Console and sofa tables are usually...

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North Shore Sofa Table, Ashley, North Shore Collection
Ashley North Shore Collection
Model # T963-4
Cross Island Sofa / Console Table, Ashley, Cross Island Collection
Ashley Cross Island Collection
Model # T719-4
Ortanique Sofa Table, Ashley, Ortanique Collection
Ashley Ortanique Collection
Model # T707-4
Nestor Sofa Table, Ashley, Nestor Collection
Ashley Nestor Collection
Model # T517-4
Porter Sofa Table -- CLEARANCE, Ashley, Porter Collection
1 left in stock
Ashley Porter Collection
Model # T697-4-TCS
Porter Sofa Table, Ashley, Porter Collection
Ashley Porter Collection
Model # T697-4
McKenna Sofa Table, Ashley, McKenna Collection
Ashley McKenna Collection
Model # T753-4
Key Town Sofa Table, Ashley, Key Town Collection
Ashley Key Town Collection
Model # T668-4
Norcastle Sofa Table, Ashley, Norcastle Collection
Ashley Norcastle Collection
Model # T499-4
Logan Sofa Table, Ashley, Logan Collection
Ashley Logan Collection
Model # T160-4
Alymere Sofa Table, Ashley, Alymere Collection
Ashley Alymere Collection
Model # T869-4
Casa Mollino Console Table, Ashley, Casa Mollino Collection
Ashley Casa Mollino Collection
Model # T953-4
Watson Sofa Table, Ashley, Watson Collection
Ashley Watson Collection
Model # T481-4
Gately Console Sofa Table, Ashley, Gately Collection
Ashley Gately Collection
Model # T845-4
Zander Sofa Table, Ashley, Zander Collection
Ashley Zander Collection
Model # T415-4
Tellbane Sofa Table, Ashley, Tellbane Collection
Ashley Tellbane Collection
Model # T584-4
Antigo Sofa Table, Ashley, Antigo Collection
Ashley Antigo Collection
Model # T233-4
Shennifin Console, Ashley, Shennifin Collection
Ashley Shennifin Collection
Model # H862-30
Carlyle Sofa Table / Console, Ashley, Carlyle Collection
Ashley Carlyle Collection
Model # T771-4
Mestler Console, Ashley, Mestler Collection
Ashley Mestler Collection
Model # T580-40
Mantera Sofa Table, Ashley, Mantera Collection
Ashley Mantera Collection
Model # T616-4
Rustic Accents Console Table, Ashley, Rustic Accents Collection
Ashley Rustic Accents Collection
Model # T500-804
Gavelston Sofa Table, Ashley, Gavelston Collection
Ashley Gavelston Collection
Model # T732-4
Tanshire Sofa Table, Ashley, Tanshire Collection
Ashley Tanshire Collection
Model # T688-4
Gavelston Sofa Table, Ashley, Gavelston Collection
Ashley Gavelston Collection
Model # T752-4
Norcastle Sofa Table, Ashley, Norcastle Collection
Ashley Norcastle Collection
Model # T519-4
Toscana Sofa Table, Ashley, Toscana Collection
Ashley Toscana Collection
Model # T353-4
Mallacar Sofa Table, Ashley, Mallacar Collection
Ashley Mallacar Collection
Model # T880-4
Greensburg Sofa Table, Ashley, Greensburg Collection
Ashley Greensburg Collection
Model # T811-4
Woodboro Sofa Table, Ashley, Woodboro Collection
Ashley Woodboro Collection
Model # T478-4
Brookfield Sofa Table, Ashley, Brookfield Collection
Ashley Brookfield Collection
Model # T496-4
Marion Sofa Table, Ashley, Marion Collection
Ashley Marion Collection
Model # T477-4
Roddinton Console Table, Ashley, Roddinton Collection
Ashley Roddinton Collection
Model # T861-4
Merihill Sofa Table w/ Ottoman, Ashley, Merihill Collection
Ashley Merihill Collection
Model # T838-4
Ledelle Sofa Table, Ashley, Ledelle Collection
Ashley Ledelle Collection
Model # T705-4
Larimer Console Table, Ashley, Larimer Collection
Ashley Larimer Collection
Model # T654-40
Items 1-36 of 75 1 2 3

fairly simple — clean lines, little decorative work — because a good sofa or console table should complement a room, not be the stand out piece. Some console/sofa tables have shelves and drawers, while others are even more simplistic with just legs and a top. For some people, having even just that little extra bit of storage is essential but for others, they want as minimalist a look as possible. Figure out what styles you may be interested in and will work with your decorating style, then start browsing The Console/Sofa Table Store by Home Gallery Stores — and as always, our trained sales team is happy to take your call if you have any questions.

When shopping for a console/sofa table it is important to consider the room your table will be in, as well as the shape and size you want your table to be. Console and sofa tables are usually placed in the foyer or other entryway or against the back of a sofa to act as a functional accent piece. The top shape of a sofa/console table can be rectangular, demilune or irregular and will normally have at least one flat side to put flush against a wall or sofa. Be sure to measure the length of your sofa or space where the table will live, so you don’t have to just guess when making the purchase.

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