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How to Buy The Best Dining Chairs
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The Dining Room Chair Store by Home Gallery Stores has upholstered dining chairs, wooden dining chairs, Parson’s chairs, arm and side chairs in a variety of styles and materials to suit your dining décor. Your dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home and the dining table and chairs are going to be the first thing people notice. You will want dining chairs that are attractive and sturdy so that you can trust your dining chairs will last for a long time. If you already have a dining table, you will want to find chairs that are a similar style and complement the tones of your table. If the chairs you are considering are not from the same manufacturer or collection as your table, look at as many pictures as possible to get an accurate idea of what the tones will be.

The first step in shopping for a dining room chair is to measure your dining table — measuring beforehand ensures that you know how many chairs you can fit and you won’t be surprised when your chairs are delivered. You will want to leave about 24” between each chair to ensure everyone can easily get in and up from the table. Another thing to consider when choosing a chair is if you want an arm chair or side chair. Side chairs can allow you to fit more chairs at your table because they do not have the extra bulk of an arm chair, making these a great option for larger families. If you do purchase arm chairs, you will want about 7” between the arms to the table edge and 12” from the seat to the top of the table.

When you are shopping for dining chairs, remember that you want a chair that will just as comfortable as it is stylish — no one wants to be at Thanksgiving dinner and unable to think about anything other than the hard chair they are sitting in. Comfort does not necessarily equal a plush cushion — in fact, for many families (especially those with messy tendencies) an upholstered chair isn’t the best option. Comfort means is the seat wide enough? Is there enough room in between chairs to easily get in and out? Is the curve of the seat and back designed for a person or is will it be too rigid? Parsons chairs are a very popular dining chair option because they are lightweight, a comfortable design for sitting, somewhat narrow so you can fit more people at a table and they have a sophisticated look. Browse different styles and find one that looks like a chair that you would be comfortable sitting in for all of your family dinners.

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Cross Island Dining Room Arm Chair, Ashley, Cross Island Collection
Ashley Cross Island Collection
Model # D319-01A
Hampton Tufted Nailhead Parsons, Bassett Mirror Company, Hampton Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Hampton Collection
Model # DPCH15-739AEC
Chair, Global, Chair Collection
Global Chair Collection
Model # B2067DC
Beladora Open Back Dining Side Chair, Hooker Furniture, Beladora Collection
Hooker Furniture Beladora Collection
Model # 698-75-510
Wicker Back Side Chair, Fine Furniture Design, Summer Home Collection
Fine Furniture Design Summer Home Collection
Model # 1052-824
Nailhead Parsons Chair in Natural Linen, Bassett Mirror Company, Parsons Chairs Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Parsons Chairs Collection
Model # DPCH14-739EC
Fret Back Side Chair, Aspen Home, Young Classics Collection
Aspen Home Young Classics Collection
Model # I88-6600S-KD
Attic Heirlooms Windsor Side Chair-Black, Broyhill, Attic Heirlooms Collection
Broyhill Attic Heirlooms Collection
Model # 5397-85BV
Imperial Court Fabric Back Side Chair, AICO, Imperial Court Collection
AICO Imperial Court Collection
Model # 79033-40
Country Haven Windsor Side Chair, Liberty, Country Haven Collection
Liberty Country Haven Collection
Model # 85-C1465S
Dining Upholstered Arm Chair, Ashley, Ortanique Collection
Ashley Ortanique Collection
Model # D707-03A
Matinee Parsons Chair, Stone, Steve Silver, Matinee Collection
Steve Silver Matinee Collection
Model # MT200BE
San Mateo Carved Back Arm Chair, Pulaski, San Mateo Collection
Pulaski San Mateo Collection
Model # 662271
Wavery Place Upholstered Dining Arm Chair - ON SALE, Hooker Furniture, Waverly Place Collection
Hooker Furniture Waverly Place Collection
Model # 366-75-300
Edwards Side Chair, Lexington, Tommy Bahama Home - Kingstown Collection
Lexington Tommy Bahama Home - Kingstown Collection
Model # 619-884-01
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Skirted Parsons Chair, Bassett Mirror Company, Parsons Chairs Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Parsons Chairs Collection
Model # DPCH8-739EC
Arm Chair Leather, Kincaid, Alston Collection
Kincaid Alston Collection
Model # 92-062L
San Mateo Carved Back Side Chair, Pulaski, San Mateo Collection
Pulaski San Mateo Collection
Model # 662270
Aspen Side Chair, Lexington, Fieldale Lodge Collection
Lexington Fieldale Lodge Collection
Model # 455-880-01
Cherry Grove New Generation Splat Back Side Chair, American Drew, Cherry Grove the New Generation Collection
American Drew Cherry Grove the New Generation Collection
Model # 091-636
Avalon Heights Starburst Arm Chair, Stanley, Avalon Heights Collection
Stanley Avalon Heights Collection
Model # 193-11-71
Veuve Dining Chair, Mobital, Veuve Collection
Mobital Veuve Collection
Model # Veuve-DC
Attic Heirlooms Rustic Oak Windsor Side Chair, Broyhill, Attic Heirlooms Rustic Oak Collection
Broyhill Attic Heirlooms Rustic Oak Collection
Model # 5399-85
Provenance Upholstered Back Arm Chair, A.R.T. Furniture, Provenance Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Provenance Collection
Model # 176207-2617
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City Club Racket Club Scroll Arm Chair - CLOSEOUT, Stanley, City Club Collection
Stanley City Club Collection
Model # 933-11-70
Vantana Dining Room Side Chair, Broyhill, Vantana Collection
Broyhill Vantana Collection
Model # 4985-581
Creations II Copenhagen Side Dining Chair, Liberty, Creations II Collection
Liberty Creations II Collection
Model # 38-C50
Monte Carlo II Fabric Back Side Chair with Leather Seat, AICO, Monte Carlo II Collection
AICO Monte Carlo II Collection
Model # N53333-03
Bolero Upholstered Back Arm Chair, Universal, Bolero Collection
Universal Bolero Collection
Model # 016639-RTA
Old World Embossed Back Side Chair, Liberty, Old World Collection
Liberty Old World Collection
Model # 18-C563S
Cherry Grove Splat Back Side Dining Chair, American Drew, Cherry Grove Collection
American Drew Cherry Grove Collection
Model # 792-636
Dining Arm Chair, Hooker Furniture, Decorative Chairs, Settees, & Ottomans Collection
Hooker Furniture Decorative Chairs, Settees, & Ottomans Collection
Model # 300-350037
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Parker Arm Chair, Star International, Tiffany Collection
Star International Tiffany Collection
Model # 1042
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Million Stars Hostess Chair, Stanley, European Farmhouse Collection
Stanley European Farmhouse Collection
Model # 018-xx-71
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Nostalgia Double Press Back Side Chair, Liberty, Nostalgia Collection
Liberty Nostalgia Collection
Model # 10-C517S
Windward Raffia Dining Side Chair, Hooker Furniture, Windward Collection
Hooker Furniture Windward Collection
Model # 1125-76410
Items 1-36 of 3296 1 2 3 ... 92
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