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If you are in the market for a file cabinet, choose from a variety of drawer sizes, styles and materials in The File Cabinet Store by Home Gallery Stores, to find exactly what you need to complete your home office. Whether you are looking for a traditional, simple wood or metal file cabinet or a more contemporary style, we...

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Hamlyn Lateral File, Ashley, Hamlyn Collection
Ashley Hamlyn Collection
Model # H527-42
Cross Island Lateral File, Ashley, Cross Island Collection
Ashley Cross Island Collection
Model # H319-42
Porter File Cabinet, Ashley, Porter Collection
Ashley Porter Collection
Model # H697-12
Carlyle Lateral File, Ashley, Carlyle Collection
Ashley Carlyle Collection
Model # H371-42
Devrik Storage Cabinet, Ashley, Devrik Collection
Ashley Devrik Collection
Model # H619-40
Hamlyn 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Ashley, Hamlyn Collection
Ashley Hamlyn Collection
Model # H527-12
Baraga File Cabinet, Ashley, Baraga Collection
Ashley Baraga Collection
Model # H410-12
Burkesville Home Office Cabinet, Ashley, Burkesville Collection
Ashley Burkesville Collection
Model # H565-40
Lobink File Cabinet, Ashley, Lobink Collection
Ashley Lobink Collection
Model # H641-12
Carlyle 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet, Ashley, Carlyle Collection
Ashley Carlyle Collection
Model # H371-12
Tanshire File Cabinet, Ashley, Tanshire Collection
Ashley Tanshire Collection
Model # H688-12
Shayneville Home Office Counter File Desk, Ashley, Shayneville Collection
Ashley Shayneville Collection
Model # H526-31
Items 1-12 of 12

feature over 200 file cabinets, making it easy to find one to suit your style. A file cabinet is quickly going to become one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home office. It will hold all of your important documents — from tax information to bills to your child’s birth certificate, so make sure your filing cabinet will be one you want to use and can keep you organized.

When shopping for a file cabinet, consider what you will be using it for. If you run a family business, invest in a large filing cabinet so you have enough space to keep records for many years as your business grows. For most people, a smaller filing cabinet with two or three drawers will suffice to keep your everyday household documents safe. Some features to consider are if you want a file cabinet that can lock, if you would prefer metal or wood and what dimensions your file cabinet needs to be. Remember to measure the space where your file cabinet will go before you buy to avoid having to return your purchase.

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