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Meva Solid Wood Furniture

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Meva Furniture has been producing beautiful and unique reclaimed wood furniture since 2001. Find wooden bookcases, TV stands, buffets, dining room tables, entertainment centers, and occasional tables that all have a distinct rustic look from Meva International. As a company, Meva operates in manner that takes responsibility for their employees and the planet. During the construction process of Meva’s furnishings, only eco-friendly techniques are used while keeping the use of adhesives and additives down. Also, only sustainable farmstead growth trees and reclaimed metals and woods are used to ensure all steps in the production are eco-conscious. Every year, Meva Furniture introduces new products that use the same basic materials but are updated with fresh designs so that customers are always able to find something to suit their needs. Reclaimed wood and metal has a very distinct look that will look beautiful as an accent piece and give your home a personality that only products from Meva can provide. If you have questions on any of the furnishings from Meva International, please contact a Home Gallery Stores sales team member and they would be happy to assist.

One of the most popular collections from Meva Furniture is Verandah. This collection includes a coffee table, console tables, buffets, a bookcase, TV stand, and wine server. Verandah has a Dark Mocha Brown finish that is sophisticated enough for a formal home but still has the same rustic feel that Meva is best known for. Each piece in this collection has clean, simple lines so it is versatile enough to be styled differently to fit many types of décor.

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