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Are You Picking the Right Recliner?
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Add another level of comfort to your living room or study with a recliner. Find plush and stylish leather, faux-leather and upholstered reclining chairs in The Recliner Store by Home Gallery Stores. Whether you are looking for traditional, contemporary, transitional or something in between, you will find the exact style you want for your home. Recliners can either be manual or have a power recline mechanism. When picking between manual and powered, consider who will be using the recliner and which will be more convenient and easiest. Some of the features that can come with recliners are more aesthetic, such as nailhead trim or casters, or more functional, like cooling cupholders or an iPod dock. It just depends on what your style and intended use for your recliner is when selecting what features you would like. Adding a recliner is going to give you a relaxing and ultra-comfortable place to stretch out and read a book, watch TV or take a nap.

When shopping for a recliner, figure out what room you would like to put your recliner in to determine the size and style. Recliners often take up more space than you are anticipating, so make sure that you are measuring the width and depth of where you want to put the recliner. An important thing to remember is that you cannot put a recliner flush against a wall; when measuring, account for around 3-4ft of space from a wall to allow for the full reclining position. Then once you have figured out the dimensions, decide on the style of recliner. Traditionally, recliners have a very specific plush look but now you can find recliners that are have a less bulky design that you might not automatically recognize as a recliner.

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Ergonomic Leather Recliner and Ottoman Set, Mac Motion Chairs, Ergonomic Recliners Collection
Mac Motion Chairs Ergonomic Recliners Collection
Model # 58-LO3-24-103
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Cross II Power Lay Flat Recliner - Wall Proximity - CLOSEOUT, Barcalounger, Casual Comfort Collection
Barcalounger Casual Comfort Collection
Model # 9-4502
Zero Wall Power Wide Recliner, Ashley, Toletta Collection
Ashley Toletta Collection
Model # 5670182
Oslo Swivel Recliner with Ottoman, Mac Motion Chairs, Oslo Collection
Mac Motion Chairs Oslo Collection
Model # 52-LO3-32-103
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Stallion Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner, Lane, Stallion Collection
Lane Stallion Collection
Model # 1407
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starting at $700.00
Magnate High-Leg Recliner, Lane, Magnate Collection
Lane Magnate Collection
Model # 2667
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Vantage II Swivel Glider Recliner - CLOSEOUT, Barcalounger, Casual Comfort Collection
Barcalounger Casual Comfort Collection
Model # 8-4521
Invincible Power Lift Full Layout Chaise Recliner - Cocoa, Catnapper, Invincible Collection
Catnapper Invincible Collection
Model # 4832
Kranston Hi-Leg Recliner, Southern Motion Furniture, Kranston Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Kranston Collection
Model # 1603
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starting at $483.00
Magnitude II Rocker Recliner, Lane, Magnitude II Collection
Lane Magnitude II Collection
Model # 5419
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starting at $600.00
Bulldog Wallsaver Recliner, Lane, Bulldog Collection
Lane Bulldog Collection
Model # 1470
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starting at $700.00
Spencer Rocker Recliner, Franklin, Spencer Collection
Franklin Spencer Collection
Model # 7517-8705-12
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Cordoba II Swivel Glider Recliner, Barcalounger, Vintage Reserve Collection
Barcalounger Vintage Reserve Collection
Model # 8-4555
Hogan Inch Away Wall Hugger X-tra Comfort Ottoman - Camel, Catnapper, Hogan Collection
Catnapper Hogan Collection
Model # 4542-4-9690
Cosmo Swivel Glider Bonded Leather Recliner - Black, Catnapper, Cosmo Collection
Catnapper Cosmo Collection
Model # 4415-5-6070
Cabo Cabo Power Motion Recliner, New Classic, Cabo Collection
New Classic Cabo Collection
Model # 22-203-12
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Oslo Swivel Recliner with Ottoman with Theater Table, Mac Motion Chairs, Oslo Collection
Mac Motion Chairs Oslo Collection
Model # 54-LO3-32-103-TT-103-CTC
Free shipping
Power Lift Recliner, Coaster, Recliners Collection
Coaster Recliners Collection
Model # 600416
Colt Recliner (with options), Palliser Furniture, Colt Collection
Palliser Furniture Colt Collection
Model # 42005-32
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starting at $705.00
Durant Recliner (with options), Palliser Furniture, Durant Collection
Palliser Furniture Durant Collection
Model # 41098-35
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starting at $935.00
Hancock Snuggler Recliner, Lane, Hancock Collection
Lane Hancock Collection
Model # 20314
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starting at $750.00
Heathgate High-Leg Recliner, Lane, Heathgate Collection
Lane Heathgate Collection
Model # 2579
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Bowden Low-Leg Recliner, Lane, Bowden Collection
Lane Bowden Collection
Model # 2948
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starting at $600.00
Breckenridge Hi-Leg Recliner, Southern Motion Furniture, Breckenridge Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Breckenridge Collection
Model # 1608
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starting at $472.50
Zoom Rocker Recliner, Southern Motion Furniture, Zoom Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Zoom Collection
Model # 1815
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starting at $504.00
Sherman Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner, Lane, Sherman Collection
Lane Sherman Collection
Model # 1401
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starting at $700.00
Mission High-Leg Recliner, Lane, Mission Collection
Lane Mission Collection
Model # 2769
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Savannah High-Leg Recliner, Lane, Savannah Collection
Lane Savannah Collection
Model # 2528
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Cloud 12 Power Chaise Recliner -Chocolate, Catnapper, Cloud 12 Collection
Catnapper Cloud 12 Collection
Model # 6541-7-9691
Chatham High-Leg Recliner, Lane, Chatham Collection
Lane Chatham Collection
Model # 2514
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starting at $450.00
Knox Wallsaver Recliner, Lane, Knox Collection
Lane Knox Collection
Model # 1418
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starting at $700.00
Hancock Rocker Recliner, Lane, Hancock Collection
Lane Hancock Collection
Model # 5421
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starting at $650.00
Cole Rocker Recliner, Lane, Cole Collection
Lane Cole Collection
Model # 11781
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starting at $310.00
Megan Snuggler Recliner, Lane, Megan Collection
Lane Megan Collection
Model # 343-14
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starting at $770.00
Sutton Swivel/Glider Recliner Stella Zen Grey, Prime Resources International, Sutton Collection
Prime Resources International Sutton Collection
Model # DS-912-006-177
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Demetrius Recliner, Sam Moore, Demetrius Collection
Sam Moore Demetrius Collection
Model # 5586
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starting at $976.50
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