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Sectional Sofas: Sizing, Materials & Other Tips
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A high-quality, comfortable, and stylish sectional sofa is going to complete the look of your family room. Sectionals are a great option for larger families or for those who often have guests over. As compared to a traditional sofa or loveseat, a sectional is going to give you the most room to accommodate people and space to stretch out. When looking for a new sectional sofa, you need to consider how often your sectional will be used and by whom. This is going to give you an accurate picture of the wear and tear your sectional will see and is going to be the best way to determine the best materials, size, and shape of a sectional for your needs. The Sectional Sofa Store by Home Gallery Stores brings you a great selection of indoor and outdoor sectionals in all styles, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between, so you will find one perfect for your home.

There are many different types of sectionals with various features that may be important to you. If you are looking for the most comfortable sectional possible, a reclining mechanism is a good choice. Reclining sectionals can have either a manual or powered reclining mechanism; when deciding between the two consider what is going to be easiest and most convenient for the people using it on a regular basis. If you want even more space to stretch out, a sectional with a chaise allows more than one person to lay down. Or if you are looking to create an especially impressive patio, adding an outdoor sectional is a great focal point and is conducive to frequent entertaining.

One of the biggest pieces of the puzzles to buying a sectional sofa is to measure how much room you have to work with. Sectionals come in many different shapes and the sizes vary greatly — so be sure to measure beforehand to avoid having to return your new piece. Length and depth are going to be the two most important dimensions. If you choose a chaise sectional, add this onto the depth. Also, with a chaise sectional know which side you want the chaise lounge on. Our sectionals are labeled as right facing and left facing, which is determined by the side the chaise is on from looking at the sectional sofa. The best way to know how your sectional will fit is by taping an outline on the floor; this helps you visualize how it will look in the room and if all pieces will flow well together.

Once you've chosen the type, look at the different features, such as seat cushions, back cushions, shape, and frame that make up the overall style. Do you want a traditional sectional sofa in a neutral color that can easily work with all types of décor? Or are you looking for a modern style that is going to be the focal point of your living room? Look at your current home décor style and decide what will work best or maybe you want to redecorate and go with something completely different — only you can decide what is best for your home. But if you have any questions about our sectionals, please call or email one of our trained sales staff who would be happy to help.

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Roldan 2-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Roldan Collection
Ashley Roldan Collection
Model # 4420055R
Free shipping
Darcy Cafe  2-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Darcy Collection
Ashley Darcy Collection
Model # 7500455R
Free shipping
2-piece Ethan Sectional Sofa, Broyhill, Ethan Collection
Broyhill Ethan Collection
Model # 6627-SEC1
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Free shipping
as shown $1900.00
Megan 3-Piece Sectional, Lane, Megan Collection
Lane Megan Collection
Model # 343-21R
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Veronica Left Arm Facing Chaise, Broyhill, Veronica Collection
Broyhill Veronica Collection
Model # 6170-9
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Veronica 4-Piece Sectional w/ Left Facing Chaise, Broyhill, Veronica Collection
Broyhill Veronica Collection
Model # 6170-6171-Sect
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Free shipping
as shown $2900.00
2-Piece Walcot Sectional, Ashley, Walcot Collection
Ashley Walcot Collection
Model # 2130055R
Free shipping
Sectional Sofa with Pull Out Bed and Storage, Coaster, Gus Collection
Coaster Gus Collection
Model # 503870
2-Piece Zella Charcoal Sectional w/ Left Facing Chaise, Ashley, Zella Collection
Ashley Zella Collection
Model # 7020016R
Free shipping
Sectional Sofa with Pull Out Bed and Storage, Coaster, Gus Collection
Coaster Gus Collection
Model # 503871
Divo 3-pc Sectional, Palliser Furniture, Divo Collection
Palliser Furniture Divo Collection
Model # 41045-47R
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2-pc Como Sectional w/ Right Facing Chaise, Palliser Furniture, Como Collection
Palliser Furniture Como Collection
Model # 77202-12R
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Maverick 3-Piece Reclining Sectional, Southern Motion Furniture, Maverick Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Maverick Collection
Model # 550-30R
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Comfort Commandor 3-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Comfort Commandor Collection
Ashley Comfort Commandor Collection
Model # 9930369R
Free shipping
Billie Jean 2-pc Sectional w/ Left Facing Chaise, Fairmont Designs, Billie Jean Collection
Fairmont Designs Billie Jean Collection
Model # D3673-SEC1
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Dakota 3-Piece Reclining Sectional, Franklin, Dakota Collection
Franklin Dakota Collection
Model # 59639-7113-26R
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Delta City 3 Piece Sectional, Ashley, Delta City Collection
Ashley Delta City Collection
Model # 1970016R
Free shipping
Lauren 3-Piece Sectional, Franklin, Lauren Collection
Franklin Lauren Collection
Model # 80940-28R
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as shown $1644.00
Fairplay Bonded Leather Match 2-piece Sectional w/ Right Facing Chaise, Ashley, Fairplay Collection
Ashley Fairplay Collection
Model # 4480017R
Free shipping
Grecian 3 Piece Sectional, Ashley, Grecian Collection
Ashley Grecian Collection
Model # 2380067R
Free shipping
Jessa Place 3-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Jessa Place Collection
Ashley Jessa Place Collection
Model # 3980266R
Free shipping
Hendrix 3-Piece Sectional, Lane, Hendrix Collection
Lane Hendrix Collection
Model # 294-71R
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Kerridon 4-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Kerridon Collection
Ashley Kerridon Collection
Model # 2630016R
Free shipping
Brayden 3-Piece Reclining Sectional, Franklin, Brayden Collection
Franklin Brayden Collection
Model # 44039R
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Vivian 3-Piece Sectional - Fast Lane As Shown, Lane, Vivian Collection
Lane Vivian Collection
Model # 738-54R-FAST
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as shown $1469.00
Continental 3-Piece Sectional, Southern Motion Furniture, Continental Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Continental Collection
Model # 792-31R
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Doral 2-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Doral Collection
Ashley Doral Collection
Model # 8680048R
Free shipping
Presley 3-piece Sectional, Franklin, Presley Collection
Franklin Presley Collection
Model # 57231-8074-12R
Jessa Place 3-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Jessa Place Collection
Ashley Jessa Place Collection
Model # 3980367R
Free shipping
Banner 3-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Banner Collection
Ashley Banner Collection
Model # 5040466R
Free shipping
2-pc Tribeca Sectional, Broyhill, Tribeca Collection
Broyhill Tribeca Collection
Model # 6633-3R
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Free shipping
as shown $1990.00
Veronica Right Arm Facing Chaise, Broyhill, Veronica Collection
Broyhill Veronica Collection
Model # 6170-8
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Margalo 2 Piece Leather Sectional, Leather Italia, Cambria Collection
Leather Italia Cambria Collection
Model # 1444-9120R-3537
Collinsville 6-Piece Sectional, Ashley, Collinsville Collection
Ashley Collinsville Collection
Model # U7210027R1
Free shipping
5 Piece Malibu Sectional, Sunset West, Malibu Collection
Sunset West Malibu Collection
Model # 301-SEC2
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Cosmo Marble 3-piece Left Arm Facing Sofa Sectional, Ashley, Cosmo Collection
Ashley Cosmo Collection
Model # 3690116R
Free shipping
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