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1st, the compliments. The recliner sofa looks great! The people at A & O delivery are wonderful. I had some problems and talked to a lot of different people there and they were all so helpful. Here's my complaint. Through my own fault, the sofa would not fit thru my doorway, so, it had to go back and was redelivered. It cost me an additional $600 for re-delivery fees, U-haul van and movers to hoist it thru the 2nd floor window. Once it was unwrapped, there was a hangtag attached that said, for "easier delivery", the sofa could be taken apart, and each of the 3 seats taken off the metal rail. Had I had that information prior to the 1st delivery, I could have taken it apart and moved it in myself. To have this info available only AFTER the sofa is delivered and unwrapped seems a bit dumb.