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I ordered a Hillsdale Madison Bed on April 2nd. Order was placed with Hillsdale on April 6th per an email from Katie at Home Gallery. The bed arrived today (April 14th) via FedEx ground (Less than 2 weeks from date of order, and a full 2 weeks earlier than Katie had anticipated in her email). I didn't get to inspect the bed on arrival as FedEx ground left the bed at my front door. Upon inspection I noticed a couple of small blemishes on the posts but not enough to complain about. I assembled the bed in a little over an hour. It looks great and I am very happy with my purchase from Home Gallery. They had the best price, and including the frame (some other internet stores cost more for headboard and footboard only). I will definitely keep Home gallery in mind for future purchases.

- Leland Hewgley, Madison TN View All Testimonials