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I had several conversations with Katie that I thought went well. I ordered a piece of Lea furniture for my daughters 4 year old birthday. It was a beautiful wrought iron bed and a matching Lea dual function storage bed. I felt the price of the beds and mattresses were a real good deal. When the furniture arrived I was very happy since it came a bit early and right on time for her birthday. As soon as the furniture guys started to set it up I got the very disappointing news that the wrought iron bed I bought was not compatible with a dual storage unit bed. At that point my daughter already saw the bed and would have been so upset if we didn't keep it especially since we had already taken apart her toddler bed. Thank God my husband is very handy and was able to redrill some holes and make it possible to keep both. There are some poblems like the storage bed does not completley go under and the top mattress is lower on the headboard then it should be. I called the store during the wek since this was a Sunday delivery and left the entire story and message for either Katie or somone to call me back. It has now been several weks and no one has had the courtesy to ever call me back regarding the big mixup. I consider this to be poor follow up and even though the prices are great I would not order from them again and would not refer them to anyone.
( Home Gallery response...We would have gladly helped out had MRS. Peterson spoken to us. But we have to know about a problem before we can help. We call back every customer, We don't know why her storage unit had an issue, or what happened to her voice mail. HOME GALLERY CUSTOMER SERVICE)

- Heidemarie Peterson, Lake Worth FL View All Testimonials