3 Beach-Inspired Looks to Steal

Whether you live on the beach or you just like the coastal style, there are many ways to achieve the look that reminds you of the shore. Get some ideas for your home by seeing how different rooms can be styled with beach decorations and furniture.  

 1. Bedroom

Beach-Themed Bedrooms

Beach-themed bedrooms have calming, relaxing elements that give an atmosphere that is open, yet cozy. Stick with neutrals as your main theme, and add a light pop of color such as teal, coral or sage. Choose your color palette based on what you see at the beach, with color variations of the sand, ocean and plants. A woven bed will not only give you a coastal look, but will complement any color bedroom and match any comforter. When choosing a comforter, you can go with a simple pattern like stripes, or a more fun design with tropical flowers, seashells or starfish.

For more beach bedroom ideas, get creative with your decor. You can hang pictures of seashells above the bed, or fill a vase with seashells to place on the bedside table.

(Bed: American Drew Ashby Park Queen Banana Leaf Weave Bed)
(Side Table: American Drew Ashby Park Leg Nightstand in Sage)



2. Dining Room

Beach-Themed Dining Rooms

When looking at beach home decor, you will see that the dining rooms are usually more casual. If you want to make your dining area look more open and inviting, keep a theme of white with splashes of blue and sea green. You can add your pop of color in the chairs and accessories.

Choose a centerpiece, like a vivid bouquet of flowers, to brighten up the room. If you still want your dining room to feel more fancy and distinguished from the kitchen, go with a simple chandelier. Try to stray from the more extravagant ones that are typically found in formal dining rooms, if you are still going for a relaxed, beach look. If you need more beach decorating ideas for a dining room, take advantage of things like patterned placemats, napkins and tablecloths to display your favorite coastal designs.

(Chair: Stanley Coastal Living Cottage Sea Watch Side Chair (Seaside Sea Glass Fabric))
(Table: Stanley Coastal Living Cottage 48" Round Pedestal Dining Table)



3. Living Room

Coastal Living Rooms

Coastal living rooms have the ideal combination of comfort and space. To keep the room open, stick with light colors and make sure the room is clutter-free. If you want that casual look of beach furniture, feel free to mix and match different patterns - just make sure the colors do not clash with one another, and fit the same theme. For example, you could have neutral living room chairs paired with a bright, floral couch - just make sure the throw pillows on the couch match exactly with those chairs. The key is to mix and match, but tie everything together at the same time. The end result should be a neat, clean look.

For beach decor ideas, arrange a few tropical plants or flowers around the room. Make sure your coffee table and side tables are styled to fit your beach theme, and display coastal decor like coral, shells or sea glass. 

(Sofa: Lexington Swan Island Sofa)
(Chair: Lexington Shoal Bay Chair)


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