4 Things To Know About Contemporary Decor

Contemporary Furniture                  Contemporary Furniture

(Pictured Left: Prospect Hill Gray Rectangular Extendable Pedestal Dining Room Set)
(Pictured Right: Birlanny Silver Upholstered Panel Bedroom Set)

The sleek style you find in contemporary homes is easy to duplicate with the right pieces. Here are four of the most common features to look for while choosing contemporary furniture. 


1. Contrast Shades 

Contemporary Dining Room Table

In contemporary interior design, you will likely see furniture pieces and/or accessories that contrast with one another. One common way of doing this is with monochromatic colors (variations of a single hue.) Black and white are commonly paired together for a striking contrast, and a bold accent color (like red, blue or yellow) is sometimes thrown in the mix to add a vivid pop. When decorating with just black and white, gray is also sometimes added.

As you look at contemporary dining sets, it's not uncommon to see chairs that contrast with the table. In some cases, the chair's legs are the same color as the table. Contemporary dining chairs often come with high backs. 

(Pictured: Wyndmere White Oval Extendable Pedestal Dining Room Set)



Contemporary Bed

2. Keep Edges Crisp

Contemporary furniture has sharp, crisp lines. These qualities are what give it that sleek and stylish appearance. The texture is smooth and flat, with no signs of the types of moldings you usually see in traditional furniture.

With contemporary bedroom furniture, you'll usually see features like sharp, rectangular headboards. The beds are normally at a low height, to give the room a more open look. The headboard is sometimes much higher than the bed to show contrast. In some contemporary living rooms, you will also see low furniture.

(Pictured: Jessica Queen Panel Bed)



3. Use Glass Surfaces

Sleek, glass tables are highly common in contemporary room decor. You will see glass tops on dining tables, coffee tables, side tables and desks. The glass gives the furniture a high-end, open look.

When styling modern office furniture, like a desk with a glass top, the key is to have as little on the surface as possible. Glass contemporary office furniture should have no clutter on the surfaces, so make sure your items are carefully placed in a way that looks appealing. A desk with drawers or a filing cabinet will work best for keeping the surfaces open. The same goes for contemporary dining tables - keep centerpieces minimal, and opt for one that will look stylish against the glass surface.

(Pictured: Division Computer Desk Unit 800446)


Contemporary Curio CabinetContemporary Curio Cabinet

4. Make Displays More Modern

Contemporary curio cabinets have sharper designs and less visible frames than traditional curios. They also come in a variety of shapes. Along with the traditional rectangular shape, you may also see triangular, slanted or curved curios. If you are looking for inexpensive contemporary furniture, this is a great way to make your accessories look more high end.

Curios in more modern homes are normally used to display artwork or monochromatic dinnerware. They are not typically decorated with too many items - you may even see as little as one item on a shelf. The fewer items you use to decorate your curio with, the more open it will look.

(Pictured Left: Jaime Black Curio Cabinet)
(Pictured Right: Bradington II Display Cabinet)

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