Buying A New Mattress For Ultimate Comfort

Comfort level and quality are the two most important factors when purchasing a mattress. You want to get a good night’s rest every night and ensure sure that your mattress is going to support you for many years to come.

Twin Plush Mattress

When choosing a mattress, comfort is obviously the main concern and mattresses range from ultra-firm to ultra-plush. Think about when you first got your current mattress, how plush or firm was it and would you want to change it? Consider any other mattresses you have slept on, like those in hotels, and what you did or did not like and decide what level of comfort will be best for you. A mattress is definitely a large investment and it can be daunting to make such a large purchase online. But educating yourself on the different types and materials of mattresses is one of the best ways to help you decide on a final purchase. Also talking to sales representatives from the store you are considering purchasing from is going to be one of the best sources of information, as they will be able to provide you with information directly from the manufacturer.

(Pictured: Simmons Mattress Plush Mattress Express Pack - Twin)

Mattress Sizing

For many people, when they decide it is time for a new mattress they also consider purchasing a new bed. If you do decide to buy a new bed, check out our

Different countries have different mattress sizes but the most common in America are twin, twin XL, full, queen, standard king, and California king.

Typical dimension for mattresses are:

Size: Dimensions:
Twin/Single 39”x75”
Twin XL 39”x80”
Full/Double 54”x75”
Queen 60”x80”
King/Eastern King) 76”x80”
California King/Western King) 72”x84”


For a better idea of how mattresses compare in size, refer to the below chart.


Remember that these are the sizes of mattresses – not the actual bed. When deciding on a mattress, one of the things you must take into consideration is the height. Mattresses can run between 5”-21” thick with the average being 14”. When you add the thickness to the rail height, you are going to have a more accurate number for the total height of your bed. If you know that you do not

Types of Mattresses

An innerspring mattress is the most common type and is made of tempered steel coils surrounded by layers of cushioning and insulation for support. Newer innerspring mattresses include pocketed coil springs which are different from a traditional innerspring because each coil is wrapped in fabric to absorb motion. It’s a great option for light sleepers who have a restless partner. This also extends the life of your mattress because coils will not easily pop out.  

Memory foam mattresses are made of polyurethane and work by molding to the shape of your body. People like memory foam because after you get up, the foam goes back to its original shape meaning it is a custom fit each night. Different levels of comfort are achieved based on the amount of foam used and if there are springs or not. Some people feel that memory foam mattresses do not provide enough support or can cause overheating. Since memory foam envelops you, it can be uncomfortable if you already are temperature sensitive when you sleep.

(Pictured: Klaussner Dream Weaver Twin Mattress 10" Foam Extra Long)

Latex mattresses are made of synthetic or natural rubber and will instantly mold to the shape of your body. Latex is resilient and breathable, keeping you from getting overheated. Also, many latex mattresses will have a pad on top to keep you from sinking too far in and possibly feeling claustrophobic. These are a great alternative to memory foam mattresses because they will provide more support and are not as temperature sensitive.

Advantages to Purchasing Mattresses Online

Convenience: Looking for a mattress is stressful. Part of the appeal of shopping online (and this is true for any product) is that you can look at your own pace and look at as many products for as long as you need. Plus the options for shopping online are endless and it’s easy to directly compare products side by side. Also you don’t have to worry about store hours.

Low Sales Pressure: Mattresses are a notoriously high pressure sales item. With the online experience, you get to look for as long as you want and sales people only interact when you are ready. With Home Gallery Stores, our sales representatives can be reached via phone or email at your convenience.


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