How to Prepare the Perfect Guest Bedroom

You don't need a huge amount of space for a guest bedroom - what you need is the right furniture. Sleeping in a new environment can be an adjustment for your guests, but these tips will make them feel right at home.


Choose The Most Comfortable Bed

Vintage Melange Plush 15

If you have a room designated as a guest bedroom, selecting the best, most comfortable mattress you can find will be a good investment. It is extremely important for your guests to be as well rested as possible, especially when staying overnight before a big event.

Since everyone has different mattress preferences, choose a mattress that is not too soft and not too firm. There are plenty of high-quality mattresses that are still budget friendly, and you can always adjust to your guest's comfort levels by purchasing an extra topper.

(Pictured: Vintage Melange Plush 15" Queen Size Mattress)



3 Drawer ChestProvide Enough Storage

Your guests will be very appreciative of any storage space you offer for their belongings. Think about what your needs are when you are a guest somewhere. Having a place to neatly fold and access clothing is a huge convenience, and saves from digging through any suitcases.

A 3-drawer chest will provide the perfect amount of space for your guest's clothing. You should also leave some closet space and hangers free for your guest to hang up coats or formal wear. A luggage rack in the closet could also come in handy. When it comes to night stands, make sure the surfaces are clear for your guest to place essentials like glasses, cell phones and other items. Keeping a couple of electrical outlets free near the night stand is ideal for guests to plug in cell phone chargers.

(Pictured: Old World Media Chest)


Throw Blanket

Keep it Cozy

It never hurts to have extra blankets around, so make sure you keep them in an easily accessible place in the guest room. A soft rug next to the bed is also a great addition. Provide a selection of soft and firm pillows so your guest can choose which is the most comfortable. Sleeping in a cold room can be extremely uncomfortable for your guests, and it's hard to tell how cold your guest bedroom gets when you don't really spend much time in there.

(Pictured: Haiden Ivory and Taupe Throw Set of 3)


Farrah Floor Mirror

Add a Mirror

It sounds simple, but you may not realize how convenient it will be for your guest bedroom to have a mirror. Your guests are going to want a mirror for touch ups. If you do not have a separate guest bathroom, this will make the world of a difference while getting ready in the morning.

A full-length mirror is the best choice if you have room for one. Make sure your mirror is in a spot with adequate lighting. Nearby electrical outlets are great to have if your guest needs to use a hairdryer.

(Pictured: Farrah Floor Mirror)



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