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We are an authorized dealer of MAT the Basics Rugs. One of the easiest ways to complete the look of a room is by adding a rug. The selection from MAT the Basics includes all colors, solids, patterned and everything in between to exactly match your decorating style. Rugs are one of the easiest ways to convey a certain style and personality in a room; plus it is easy to change when you want a different look. MAT the Basics rugs come in many sizes, so always measure the area you want to place your new rug before making the purchase. The size plays a big part in how a rug will look in the room — you don’t want it too look too big or small. A rule of thumb is to look for one that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in that room, so that the rug does not appear overwhelming and crammed in. In a dining room, you want the rug to extend at least 18 inches past the edge of your table so that your chairs will stay in the designated space. A hallway rug looks best when there are six inches between the edge of the rug and wall on all sides. But these are just guidelines — only you can decide what look you will love the most.

MAT the Basics Rugs are an investment in the beauty of your home; it is an item you will keep for many years and it sees lots of wear over time. A rug is one of those items that you get what you pay for — cheaper rugs are usually made of materials that cannot withstand constant use and will show their age more quickly than those of higher quality. MAT the Basics Rugs are high quality and durable to last you a long time. Choose a style, size and price range you would want in your rug and if you have any questions about the selection from MAT the Basics Rugs, please contact a Home Gallery Stores sales team member for more information.


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