Storage Solutions: Multitasking Furniture

If you are looking for new organizing ideas, you don't have to buy a new shelf. Furniture that multitasks as storage is ideal for storing those extra items without taking up any extra space.


Sleigh Bed with Storage

1. Beds

If you are running out of room for extra clothes in your dresser, beds with underneath drawer storage will easily save you tons of space.

The drawers are typically the same sizes as average dresser drawers, so you get a great deal of extra room. Beds with drawer storage are also great for keeping extra linens, blankets, pillows and towels.

(Pictured: Broyhill Hayden Place Queen Sleigh Bed with Storage)



Cocktail Table with Storage

2. Coffee Tables

Coffee tables with storage are essential for maximizing space in your living room. If you want to know how to make a living room look bigger, the key is to use as few pieces of furniture as possible. It can be difficult to find extra storage in the living room when your bookshelves are filled up.

You can find many coffee tables with multiple drawers to hold items like photo albums and books.

(Pictured: Ashley Woodboro Rectangular Lift-Top Cocktail Table)



3. Sofas

Even some sofas come with underneath storage drawers! This is great for keeping items like throw blankets and books. The neat thing about these storage drawers is that they normally look very discrete, and will blend right in with your couch.

.Sectional Sofa with Storage  Sectional Sofa with Storage

(Pictured: Coaster 3-Piece Geri Sectional)

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