Aspen Home Warranty


Furniture Values International, LLC Product Warranty Policy

Furniture Values International, LLC (hereafter referred to as "FVI") warrants the construction of this product to be free from defects in workmanship with the following warranty policy from the original date of purchase:

Product -- Limited 10 year non-commerical / Limited 1 year commercial

Replacement Parts and Electronic components - Limited 1 year

This warranty is limited to th original consumer who purchased this product from an authorized FVI dealer. Additional information such as proof of purchase, pictures, and production batch number may be required. THis warranty cannot be transferred to subsequent owners or users of the product, and it shall be immediately invalidated in the event that the product is resold, transferred, or rented to any third party or person other than the original consumer who purchased this product from an authorized FVI dealer. This warranty does not apply to any product under the following conditions: not properly maintained as suggested by the manufacturer, damage due to neglect, accidental damage, or misuse; product that beeen altered or modified; damaged as a result of repairing by anyone other than an authorized manufacturer dealer; product that is no longer being manufactured.

Te authorized dealer must receive authorization from FVI if a replacement of the product is necessary due to a manufacturer defect. The authorized dealer will be required to return the defective product to FVI at the consumer's own expense. FVI will repair or replace the product and ship it back to the authorized dealer. Expressly excluded by this warranty is liability for subsequent property damage.

Limitations of damages: The warranties and remedies set forth are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral, written, expressed, or implied. In no event will FVI be liable for any damages, including incidental or consequential damges, in an amount that exceeds the purchase price of the product or its replacement.



Consumer Warning Against Tipping: Furniture may somtime tip over. Toavoid damage and injury:

If a tipping restraint is not supplied with the furniture, immediately contact the store where purchased (except for desk, chair, and table). DO NOT INSTALL WITHOUT A TIPPING RESTRAINT. Misuse of theproduct includes, but is not limted to, placing televisions and other heavy items on adjustable shelves.

To prevent soiling of carpets, cleaning of underside of furniture is recommended. Check underside of furniture for foreign matter that may damage the floor.

Manufacturer's liability is limited to replacement of furniture ONLY.

Products shown in the catalog are representative of the products sold by FVI and may vary as to specific size, material, and finishes. FVI reserves th right to modify prices, dimensions, designs, materials, and finish regarding these products anytime as its sole discretion. The information contained in the catalog is updated by FVI from time to time and may not accuratey reflect products currently being produced.


review date: 7/10/2014