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Ambella Home Furniture has been designing and manufacturing elegant home furnishings for over 10 years. Each piece in the Ambella Home and Best Design Collections is designed to provide customers with functional pieces for the whole home that have a truly timeless appeal. The production is meticulously managed from the assortment of raw materials to hiring only skilled craftsmen and finishers to packing each item so that every item arrives without damage. A point of pride for Ambella Home is hand selecting only the best materials so that customers can enjoy every item from sink chests and bathroom vanities to bar stools and tables for many years into the future. High-quality wood, marble, granite, stone, iron, metal, glass, mirror, fabric, and hardware is used and the construction process uses only high-tech and time trusted techniques. Finishes are then applied to complete the look of the design, resulting in a piece that will remain attractive and reliable for a lifetime. There are many, many different collections with furnishings for the bedroom, dining room, entertainment room, home office, living room, entryway, and bathroom from Ambella Home Furniture, each with a distinct style and different functionality.

The items Ambella Home is best known for are their bathroom vanities and sink chests. Ambella Home was actually the first company to design and introduce the "Sink Chest" - a traditional chest with a sink basin and faucet top. Every sink chest is designed for plumbing to be easily installed. There are wooden, marble, and mirrored sink chests to choose from to give your bathroom the style you want. Complete your bathroom with other items, such as storage, mirrors, and faucets from Ambella Home. If you have questions on any Ambella Home products, please contact a Home Gallery Stores sales team member for more information.

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Algiers Center Entry Table, Ambella Home, Algiers Collection
Ambella Home Algiers Collection
Model # 06642-910-001
Free shipping
Andalusian Sink Chest, Ambella Home, Sink Chests & Bath Collection
Ambella Home Sink Chests & Bath Collection
Model # 06685-110-400
Free shipping
Arch Fireplace Surround, Ambella Home, Fireplace Mantels Collection
Ambella Home Fireplace Mantels Collection
Model # 01168-420-074
Aspen Round Dining Table - 60", Ambella Home, Aspen Collection
Ambella Home Aspen Collection
Model # 00270-600-060
Free shipping
Avignon Counter Stool, Ambella Home, Avignon Collection
Ambella Home Avignon Collection
Model # 10124-520-001
Baliage Bookcase, Ambella Home, Baliage Collection
Ambella Home Baliage Collection
Model # 27044-800-001
Free shipping
Azalea Chest, Ambella Home, Azalea Collection
Ambella Home Azalea Collection
Model # 24048-830-001
Free shipping
Ball & Claw Medium Sink Chest (K2210), Ambella Home,  Collection
Ambella Home Collection
Model # 08101-110-228
Free shipping
Barrister Credenza, Ambella Home, Barrister Collection
Ambella Home Barrister Collection
Model # 24014-340-001B
Free shipping
Bedford Ridge Console Table - Light, Ambella Home, Bedford Ridge Collection
Ambella Home Bedford Ridge Collection
Model # 24032-850-001
Free shipping
Bonita Chest, Ambella Home, Bonita Collection
Ambella Home Bonita Collection
Model # 04581-830-001
Free shipping
Beauregard Credenza w/ Hutch, Ambella Home, Beauregard Collection
Ambella Home Beauregard Collection
Model # 08449-340-001
Free shipping
Bedford Ridge Sink Chest, Ambella Home, Bedford Ridge Collection
Ambella Home Bedford Ridge Collection
Model # 24033-110-301
Free shipping
Campania Cabinet, Ambella Home, Campania Collection
Ambella Home Campania Collection
Model # 06648-820-001
Free shipping
Carmel Swivel Counter Stool -Fabric 0209, Ambella Home, Carmel Collection
Ambella Home Carmel Collection
Model # 00412-520-004
Casablanca Mirrored Chest, Ambella Home, Casablanca Collection
Ambella Home Casablanca Collection
Model # 30005-830-001
Free shipping
Castilian Accent Table, Ambella Home, Castilian Collection
Ambella Home Castilian Collection
Model # 17524-900-001
Castilian Large Accent Table, Ambella Home, Castilian Collection
Ambella Home Castilian Collection
Model # 17536-900-001
Castle Arm Chair, Ambella Home,  Collection
Ambella Home Collection
Model # 02005-620-001
Castle Dining Table - 144", Ambella Home,  Collection
Ambella Home Collection
Model # 00214-600-144
Free shipping
Chambord Electric Fireplace, Ambella Home, Chambord Collection
Ambella Home Chambord Collection
Model # 08930-400-054
Free shipping
Chandler Crossing Sideboard, Ambella Home, Chandler Collection
Ambella Home Chandler Collection
Model # 08065-630-002
Free shipping
Charles Desk Chair, Ambella Home, Charles Collection
Ambella Home Charles Collection
Model # 02012-700-001
Clairmont Console Table, Ambella Home, Clairmont Collection
Ambella Home Clairmont Collection
Model # 05168-850-001
Cobre Petite Sink Chest, Ambella Home, Cobre Collection
Ambella Home Cobre Collection
Model # 17518-110-109
Free shipping
Colle' Mirror, Ambella Home, Colle Collection
Ambella Home Colle Collection
Model # 41004-980-051
Free shipping
Column Accent Table, Ambella Home, Column Collection
Ambella Home Column Collection
Model # 07059-900-002
Croc Wing Chair - Leather 05507, Ambella Home, Croc Wing Collection
Ambella Home Croc Wing Collection
Model # 21010-700-003
Free shipping
Deauville Cabinet, Ambella Home, Deauville Collection
Ambella Home Deauville Collection
Model # 06662-830-001
Free shipping
Darlington Accent Table, Ambella Home, Darlington Collection
Ambella Home Darlington Collection
Model # 20062-900-001
Di Franco Petite Sink Chest, Ambella Home, Sink Chests & Bath Collection
Ambella Home Sink Chests & Bath Collection
Model # 08162-110-102
Free shipping
Dublin Bar Table, Ambella Home, Dublin Collection
Ambella Home Dublin Collection
Model # 06659-500-001
Free shipping
Enoteca Cabinet, Ambella Home, Enoteca Collection
Ambella Home Enoteca Collection
Model # 28012-530-001
Free shipping
Etruscan Sideboard, Ambella Home, Etruscan Collection
Ambella Home Etruscan Collection
Model # 06658-850-001
Free shipping
Exotic Fantasy Accent Table, Ambella Home, Exotic Collection
Ambella Home Exotic Collection
Model # 07031-900-001
Exeter Wine Cabinet, Ambella Home, Exeter Collection
Ambella Home Exeter Collection
Model # 20081-530-001
Items 1-36 of 613 1 2 3 ... 18
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