When shopping for children’s bedroom furniture, the first thing you will want to buy is a bed. Make sure both the mattress and bed are high-quality, and that they are not positioned near any obstructions so your child can get in and out of bed safely. A bunk bed is the perfect option for two kids who share a room. Bunk beds are normally for twin size mattresses, but you can find some for full size mattresses (or even a combination of twin and full mattresses). You can find bunk beds with ladders or stairs. Some even have built-in storage drawers, which will certainly be a space-saver for children who share a bedroom. The next thing you will want to buy is a dresser or chest. Make sure the dresser is low enough for your child to comfortably reach the top drawers. Know the dimensions of the dresser and drawers to ensure every item will fit. If your children share a room, a double dresser might be enough to store their clothing. It is also a good place to hang a mirror over top. If you are furnishing a nursery, the first thing you will want to buy is a crib. It is important to buy a high-quality crib that is safe and convenient. Some cribs convert into full-size beds, which will be great for your child to have in the long run. You can also find cribs with underneath drawer storage where you will have easy access to blankets and anything else for your baby. A changing table is another essential for a baby’s room, and you can find many with storage drawers for items like diapers and baby wipes. You also may want to have a glider in your nursery. Gliders have a motion that smoothly moves from front to back, allowing you to comfortably rock your baby. Comfort is key when selecting a glider – you might want one that includes an ottoman for you rest your feet for long periods of time. Gliders are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can easily find one to match the style of your nursery.