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3 Keys to Finding a Bar Stool
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Browse the wide variety of bar stools, counter height bar stools, and extra tall bar stools in The Bar Stool Store by Home Gallery Stores. Bar stools can be paired with a bar height table to use in your kitchen, game room, sunroom or patio. There are several different types of bar stools to choose from and the number one feature to look at is the height that you will need for your home bar or kitchen counter. Bar stools are measured based on the seat height, so that you can know what type of table to pair with it so guests are most comfortable. A rule-of-thumb is to have around 11 inches between the seat height and counter height — so if you have a 30“ bar stool, you would want a table that is 41“. The typical height is Extra tall bar stools, upwards of 32“, are a more contemporary option and are often used as a focal point in a room. Another option to consider is an adjustable height bar stool, which can be used in a variety of settings — they are also great for children who may need a little extra boost to be able to comfortably reach the counter.

Other features to consider when purchasing a bar stool are all about the comfort of your guests. Will you be using the bar stools frequently while eating? Then a back might be a feature you would want to be most comfortable. Would a swivel option be helpful? If you have a tight space, a swivel option could help guests get in and out easier. Is there a footrest and is it at a comfortable height?

There are limitless options of colors and materials to pick from, so when shopping for bar stools make sure you have figured out the practical features first then browse to find a style best for you.

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Maison Counter Stool, Orient Express, Villa Collection
Orient Express Villa Collection
Model # 7102-CSUP.BIR
Roanoke 30" X-Back Barstool, Intercon, Roanoke Collection
Intercon Roanoke Collection
Model # RN-BS-725W-BLK-K30
Hayden 24" Slat Back Barstool, Intercon, Hayden Collection
Intercon Hayden Collection
Model # HY-BS-460C-RSE-K24
Attic Heirlooms Windsor Counter Stool, Broyhill, Attic Heirlooms Collection
Broyhill Attic Heirlooms Collection
Model # 5397-97B
Toscano Swivel Bar Stool in Cherry, Pulaski, Accents Collection
Pulaski Accents Collection
Model # 657501
29" Black Double X Back Stool, E.C.I. Furniture, Barstools Collection
E.C.I. Furniture Barstools Collection
Model # N1300-10-BS-29
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O'Malley Vanity Stool, Hillsdale, O'Malley Collection
Hillsdale O'Malley Collection
Model # 50946A
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Counter Height Barstool, American Drew, Camden - Black Collection
American Drew Camden - Black Collection
Model # 919-690
Antigua Barstool, American Drew, Antigua Collection
American Drew Antigua Collection
Model # 931-690
Camden Light Bar Stool -Counter Height, American Drew, Camden - Light Collection
American Drew Camden - Light Collection
Model # 920-690
Windward Raffia Bar Stool, Hooker Furniture, Windward Collection
Hooker Furniture Windward Collection
Model # 1125-76460
Vendome Counter Height Chair - Set of 2, Acme Furniture, Vendome Collection
Acme Furniture Vendome Collection
Model # 62034
Coventry Counter Stool - Dark Leather, Ambella Home, Coventry Collection
Ambella Home Coventry Collection
Model # 20033-520-002
Dresden Counter Height Chair - Set of 2, Acme Furniture, Dresden Collection
Acme Furniture Dresden Collection
Model # 12162
Kingston 24" X-Back Barstool w/ Cushion, Intercon, Kingston Collection
Intercon Kingston Collection
Model # KG-BS-735C-RAI-K24
Lewis 26" Black Counter Height Stool - Set of 2, Acme Furniture, Lewis Collection
Acme Furniture Lewis Collection
Model # 96293
Arlington 24" Slat Back Barstool - White, Intercon, Arlington Collection
Intercon Arlington Collection
Model # AR-BS-180-WHJ-K24
Coventry Barstool with Linen Seat, Riverside, Mix-N-Match Chairs Collection
Riverside Mix-N-Match Chairs Collection
Model # 36454
Chateau De Ville Counter Height Chair - Set of 2, Acme Furniture, Chateau De Ville Collection
Acme Furniture Chateau De Ville Collection
Model # 64084
Arlington 24" Slat Back Barstool - Black, Intercon, Arlington Collection
Intercon Arlington Collection
Model # AR-BS-180-BLJ-K24
Montego Bay Outdoor Wicker High Dining Chair 24", South Sea Rattan, Montego Bay Collection
South Sea Rattan Montego Bay Collection
Model # 75122
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Cambridge 24" Slat Back Barstool, Intercon, Cambridge Collection
Intercon Cambridge Collection
Model # CB-BS-N260-RUS-K24
Santa Clara 24" Ladder Back Barstool w/ PU, Intercon, Santa Clara Collection
Intercon Santa Clara Collection
Model # ST-BS-889C-BDY-K24
Bar Stool, Global, Lavy Collection
Global Lavy Collection
Model # D1058BS
Classic Oak 24" Arrow Back Barstool w/ Swivel, Intercon, Classic Oak Collection
Intercon Classic Oak Collection
Model # CO-BS-263-BRU-C24
Keaton Stool w/ Slat Back, American Woodcrafters, Keaton Collection
American Woodcrafters Keaton Collection
Model # B2-202-34LSU
Mirabelle Upholstered Counter Height Chair, Riverside, Mirabelle Collection
Riverside Mirabelle Collection
Model # 26254
North Shore 30 inch Swivel Bar Stool, Ashley, North Shore Collection
Ashley North Shore Collection
Model # D553-130
Hopstand Upholstered Barstool (Set of 4) -- CLEARANCE, Ashley, Hopstand Collection
1 left in stock
Ashley Hopstand Collection
Model # D314-124-TCS
Archipelago Tambu Bar Stool, Stanley, Archipelago Collection
Stanley Archipelago Collection
Model # 186-81-73
Carlton Manor Swivel Bar Stool, Pulaski, Accents Collection
Pulaski Accents Collection
Model # 565501
Edwardian Bar Stool in Cherry - CLOSEOUT, Pulaski, Accents Collection
Pulaski Accents Collection
Model # 242501
Oliver Swivel Bar Stool in Cherry, Howard Miller, Wine & Bar Collection
Howard Miller Wine & Bar Collection
Model # 697024
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Farrah Bar Stool in Silver Metallic, Pulaski, Farrah Collection
Pulaski Farrah Collection
Model # 395501
Bar Stool, Butler Specialty Company, Industrial Chic Collection
Butler Specialty Company Industrial Chic Collection
Model # 3432330
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Lacey Double Bar Stool, Ashley, Lacey Collection
Ashley Lacey Collection
Model # D328-323
Items 1-36 of 3205 1 2 3 ... 90
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