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3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Bed
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The Bed Store by Home Gallery Stores carries a wide variety of quality, stylish, comfortable beds. It’s estimated that you spend a third of your life in bed, so why not invest in a bed that you will love lounging in? At Home Gallery Stores, we carry all different styles from traditional to modern and everything in between to help you outfit your ideal bedroom. When shopping for a bed, there are dozens of considerations for finding one that suits you. First thing is to decide what size bed you are looking for — everything from a single twin bed all the way up to a California King. Standard mattress sizes are as follows: Twin — 39x75“, Twin XL - 39x80", Full — 54x75“, Queen - 60x80“, King — 76x80“, and California King — 72x84“.

Please note that you can not base the measurement of your bed off of the mattress size. Bed frames will be slightly larger to accommodate the mattress. You also need to account for the measurements of the footboard and headboard when deciding if your new bed will fit comfortably in your bedroom.

After deciding on a size, now it’s time to pick a type. The different types of beds are not just distinguished by aesthetics but also about functionality.

Panel Beds: Perhaps the most common type of bed, panel beds are defined by the paneled side rails and come in all different styles. Ranging from highly decorative, formal looks to simple and modern, panel beds are going to give you the most variety to choose from. You can find panel beds with or without storage, in all materials, and of different scales to give you the exact style that you want.

Poster Beds: For those with tall ceilings and large bedrooms, a poster bed could be the exact style to help complement and fill your space. Poster beds have posts of differing heights, so if you love the style but have a smaller room there are options for you that will not overwhelm your bedroom. You can choose from all four posts being tall, all four being low, or a mix of high-low posts. Generally speaking, queen, king, and California king sizes are most common.

Canopy Beds: Similar to poster beds, a canopy bed has the posts but also includes connecting rails at the top. This can be four connecting crossbeams at each corner creating a rectangular shape or beams that stem from the corners and meet in the center of the bed. Originally canopy beds were designed for fabrics to be draped over top for a more commanding presence but many are now so ornately designed that they have just as handsome look with or without the fabric. Generally speaking, queen, king, and California king sizes are most common.

Platform Beds: With a platform bed, you will not need a boxspring. Along the bed frame, wooden slats are laid horizontal for extra support, meaning you will just require a mattress. It’s recommended that bed slats are placed no more than 3 inches apart to ensure your mattress does not wear out more quickly than is necessary. This can also be a better investment in the long run because without having to spend money on a boxspring, you can maybe choose a higher quality mattress that will have a long life. Platform beds are usually have a minimalist, contemporary style and are close to the ground.

Sleigh Beds: Characterized by their curved, scrolled headboard and/or footboard so that it resembles an old-fashioned sleigh. The look of sleigh beds is usually more formal and is built to a larger scale. Typically speaking, a sleigh bed will look best in a bedroom with more space but again, measure beforehand to see how the style will fit with your room. Sleigh beds are usually a traditional style and look best in a more formal bedroom.

Storage Beds: For when you need a little extra room, having the option of underbed storage is helpful. You can choose rails with storage drawers on one or both rails or storage drawers in the footboard. All types of beds, such as panel or poster, can include storage as a feature. Many beds will have two versions – one with and one without storage, so if you have questions about which one you are buying, it is best to contact the retailer where you are purchasing from. When buying a storage bed online, be sure to carefully read the product description and features. A manufacturer may only have photos of the bed with storage and this photo will be used for both bed options, so do not buy based on the photo alone.

Bunk Beds: The quintessential children’s bed, bunk beds are a great option for when you have multiple children and not a lot of space. Bunk beds come in several sizes; twin over twin, full over full, or twin over full. The size you choose depends on how long you are planning on keeping the bunk bed style for your children. If you know you are going to have them share a room for awhile, getting a full over full will last longer as they grow and need more space.

Loft Beds: Similar to twin bunk beds but different in the fact that instead of a bed underneath, there is an open space. Many people will use this space to put a child’s desk and have a designated homework area. You could also use that space to place bean bags and toys as an area for hanging out with friends or to place an extra dresser or chest.

Low Profile Beds: Best for those who want a simple, minimalist look, low profile beds are close to the floor and have little to no decorative elements. A low profile bed usually has a square headboard and square frame to create clean lines for a truly modern look. This is also a good choice for people who have limited space or a loft because the small scale of low profile beds is going to complement the space best. The look is similar to a platform bed but low profile beds may require a boxspring.

Day Beds: Similar to twin size panel beds, except with a back on one side. Day beds are a great transitional bed for kids and teens when there is limited space in the bedroom. Some people also will use a day bed as casual seating for a reading area.

Slat Beds: Defined by their design characteristic of slatted headboard and/or footboard, slat beds are a casual look and usually made of solid wood or metal. Typically, slat beds have minimal decorative elements and are of a medium scale, making them good for guest rooms or a smaller master bedroom.

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Villa Valencia Canopy Bed, AICO, Villa Valencia Collection
AICO Villa Valencia Collection
Model # 72015RC
Free shipping
North Shore Canopy Bed, Ashley, North Shore Collection
Ashley North Shore Collection
Model # B553-199R1
Victoria Palace Panel Bed w/ Bedposts w/ Wooden Canopy, AICO, Victoria Palace Collection
AICO Victoria Palace Collection
Model # 61135-29R
Free shipping
King Old World Estate Bedroom Set, A.R.T. Furniture, Old World Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Old World Collection
Model # 143156-2606HBR-SET
starting at $5350.00
Seabrooke Panel Bed, Broyhill, Seabrooke Collection
Broyhill Seabrooke Collection
Model # 4471-450R
starting at $665.00
Brookfield Panel Bed, Pulaski, Brookfield Collection
Pulaski Brookfield Collection
Model # 993170R
starting at $901.00
North Shore Poster Bed, Ashley, North Shore Collection
Ashley North Shore Collection
Model # B553-199R
Cortina Sleigh Bed, AICO, Cortina Collection
AICO Cortina Collection
Model # N65011R
starting at $3137.00
Princess Castle Twin Size Tent Bunk Bed with Slide, Powell, Princess Collection
Powell Princess Collection
Model # 374-069
Free shipping
Quick ship
Cherry Grove Rice Carved Pediment Poster Bed, American Drew, Cherry Grove Collection
American Drew Cherry Grove Collection
Model # 791-375R
starting at $1260.00
Attic Heirlooms Feather Bed, Broyhill, Attic Heirlooms Collection
Broyhill Attic Heirlooms Collection
Model # 4397-58SR
starting at $750.50
San Mateo Sleigh Bed, Pulaski, San Mateo Collection
Pulaski San Mateo Collection
Model # 662180R
starting at $1624.00
Steel Magnolia Bed - Linen Finish, Paula Deen Home, Paula Deen Home Collection
Paula Deen Home Paula Deen Home Collection
Model # 996220R
starting at $1430.00
Excelsior Mansion Bed, AICO, Excelsior Collection
AICO Excelsior Collection
Model # N59017-47R
starting at $2647.00
Jessica McClintock Boutique King Bedroom Set, American Drew, Jessica McClintock Boutique Collection
American Drew Jessica McClintock Boutique Collection
Model # 217-306BR-SET
Free shipping
starting at $6830.00
Valencia Upholstered Sleigh Bed, A.R.T. Furniture, Valencia Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Valencia Collection
Model # 209155-2304
Free shipping
starting at $2820.00
Aura Panel Bed, Samuel Lawrence, Aura Collection
Samuel Lawrence Aura Collection
Model # 8554-250R
starting at $526.00
Avalon Platform Leather Bed, Liberty, Avalon Collection
Liberty Avalon Collection
Model # 505-BR23
starting at $570.00
Cottage Retreat Poster Bed, Ashley, Cottage Retreat Collection
Ashley Cottage Retreat Collection
Model # B213-57NR
starting at $325.48
Maribel Panel Bed, Ashley, Maribel Collection
Ashley Maribel Collection
Model # B138-57R
starting at $230.98
Sanctuary Upholstered Tufted Bed, Hooker Furniture, Sanctuary Collection
Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Collection
Model # 3023-90866
Free shipping
starting at $2518.00
Courtland Bed, Pulaski, Courtland Collection
Pulaski Courtland Collection
Model # 504185R
Old World Estate Bed, A.R.T. Furniture, Old World Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Old World Collection
Model # 143155-2606HBR
starting at $1670.00
Rhapsody Panel Bed, Hooker Furniture, Rhapsody Collection
Hooker Furniture Rhapsody Collection
Model # 5070-90250
Free shipping
starting at $2518.00
Telluride Mantle Bed, Hooker Furniture, Telluride Collection
1 left in stock
Hooker Furniture Telluride Collection
Model # 370-90-866-SET-TCS
Free shipping
starting at $2163.00
Lavelle Wing Mansion Bed, AICO, Lavelle Collection
AICO Lavelle Collection
Model # 54012R-04
Free shipping
starting at $2847.00
Monte Carlo II Poster Bed with Canopy, AICO, Monte Carlo II Collection
AICO Monte Carlo II Collection
Model # N53015R-46R
starting at $4056.00
Farrah Panel Bed, Pulaski, Farrah Collection
Pulaski Farrah Collection
Model # 395170R
starting at $1257.90
Villa Valencia Poster Bed, AICO, Villa Valencia Collection
AICO Villa Valencia Collection
Model # 72015R
Free shipping
Lassiter Panel Bed - CLOSEOUT, Hooker Furniture, Lassiter Collection
Hooker Furniture Lassiter Collection
Model # 5142-90250
Camdyn Sleigh Storage Bed, Ashley, Camdyn Collection
Ashley Camdyn Collection
Model # B506-54R
starting at $650.98
Cherry Grove King Mansion Bedroom Set, American Drew, Cherry Grove Collection
American Drew Cherry Grove Collection
Model # 791-316R-SET
Free shipping
starting at $5510.00
Kingston Plantation Sleigh Bed, Liberty, Kingston Plantation Collection
Liberty Kingston Plantation Collection
Model # 720-BR21R
starting at $1000.00
King Cotswold Upholstered Panel Bedroom Set, A.R.T. Furniture, Cotswold Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Cotswold Collection
Model # 204126-2608K-SET
starting at $4360.00
Arabella Upholstered Bed, Pulaski, Accentrics Home Collection
Pulaski Accentrics Home Collection
Model # 211180R1
Free shipping
starting at $2297.69
Reflections Storage Sleigh Bed, Vaughan Bassett, Reflections - Dark Cherry Collection
Vaughan Bassett Reflections - Dark Cherry Collection
Model # 530-066BR
starting at $930.00
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