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Make Your Dining Table Bigger: Choosing the Right Leaves
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Create the perfect dining room with a dining table to fit your whole family. No matter if your style is formal, casual, rustic or modern, The Dining Room Table Store by Home Gallery Stores is sure to have a dining room table you will love. When choosing the right table for your dining room, you need to consider placement, size, style, and use. Measuring and mapping out where your dining room table beforehand is going to be extremely helpful when you begin to narrow down options in the selection process. Is your style more formal or casual? Is your dining room an open-concept design or a separate room in the house? Will you be using your dining room everyday or is it only for special occasions? One of the biggest deciding factors we have found from talking with customers is whether or not you have children. Be leery of rectangular or square tables with sharp corners; instead a round table might be better off. Also, glass dining table tops tend to show fingerprints all the time and require more frequent cleaning.

The next big deciding factor is how many people will typically be using the dining room table on a frequent basis. A good option for people who only need extra room for visitors and special occasions is to get a dining table with a leaf. There are several types of leafs - a butterfly leaf, drop leaf, removable leaf and self-storing leafs.

A butterfly leaf is a hinged leaf that is kept stored in the table and when stored, folded in half to resemble a resting butterfly. To reveal the leaf, you must pull open the table top and a gap will open to where the leaf is stored. Then the leaf can be opened at the center hinge to create the extra space that you need. The length of your table will vary but a typical butterfly leaf is 18 inches wide.

A table with a drop leaf is a good option for people who frequently use need the extra space but do not want the hassle of having to assemble and un-assemble their table. A drop leaf table has a hinge on the side, so that the leaf can easily be propped up when needed or hang down when you need the extra space.

The most common type of leaf is a removable leaf; while it may be a little more inconvenient for those who are lacking storage space, it is a great option for those who need to be able to sit many additional people. A table with a removable leaf requires you to physically lift the table (not just table top like a butterfly leaf) to expand and create the gap where the leaf must be inserted. Depending on the brand, some dining tables can include multiple removable leafs of different sizes.

Dining room tables with a self-storing leaf are a good option for those who particularly need space in their dining room when the table is not in use. A self-storing leaf is very easy to use; simply pull the leaf out from the side of the table. Depending on the table, there can be up to four leafs, one for each side, making it a great option if you typically just need a small table but like having the extra room.

The Dining Room Table Store by Home Gallery Stores has round, rectangular, square and oval tables with the option of including a leaf or not in the exact style you want for your home.

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Belmeade Round Pedestal Dining Table, Riverside, Belmeade Collection
Riverside Belmeade Collection
Model # 15851R
Free shipping
Farmhouse Rectangular Trestle Dining Table, Liberty, Farmhouse Collection
Liberty Farmhouse Collection
Model # 139-T4002
Coventry Rectangular Leg Dining Table, Riverside, Coventry Collection
Riverside Coventry Collection
Model # 32550
Free shipping
Murano Double Pedestal Mirrored Dining Table, Bassett Mirror Company, Murano Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Murano Collection
Model # D2624-600ECR
Free shipping
Zahara Square/Round Pedestal Dining Table with Lazy Suzan in Oak, Winners Only, Zahara Collection
Winners Only Zahara Collection
Model # DZH4260
Rhapsody Rectangular Trestle Dining Table, Hooker Furniture, Rhapsody Collection
Hooker Furniture Rhapsody Collection
Model # 5070-75207
Free shipping
Windward Round/Oval Pedestal Dining Table, Hooker Furniture, Windward Collection
Hooker Furniture Windward Collection
Model # 1125-76203
Sanctuary Two-Tone Rectangular Trestle Refectory Table, Hooker Furniture, Sanctuary Collection
Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Collection
Model # 3002-75207
Free shipping
Firenze Trestle Dining Table, A.R.T. Furniture, Firenze Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Firenze Collection
Model # 219221-2304
Free shipping
Mirabelle Round Dining Table, Riverside, Mirabelle Collection
Riverside Mirabelle Collection
Model # 26251
Free shipping
Ridgley Counter Height Extension Table with Storage, Ashley, Ridgley Collection
Ashley Ridgley Collection
Model # D520-32
Cottage Round/Oval Pedestal Dining Table in Honey top, Buttermilk base, Winners Only, Cottage Collection
Winners Only Cottage Collection
Model # DC4260HB
Low Country Rectangular Leg Dining Table, Liberty, Low Country Collection
Liberty Low Country Collection
Model # 80-T3876
Hartford 72" Round Dining Table, Steve Silver, Hartford Collection
Steve Silver Hartford Collection
Model # HF7272T
Aphrodite Round Pedestal Dining Table - CLOSEOUT, Pulaski, Accentrics Home Collection
Pulaski Accentrics Home Collection
Model # 201011R
Free shipping
Brooke Rectangular Dining Pedestal Table, Casana Furniture, Brooke Collection
Casana Furniture Brooke Collection
Model # 216-154K
Bellamy Rectangular Dining Table, Magnussen, Bellamy Collection
Magnussen Bellamy Collection
Model # D2491-20
Cherry Grove Oval Leg Dining Table, American Drew, Cherry Grove Collection
American Drew Cherry Grove Collection
Model # 792-760
Free shipping
Hayden Rectangular Trestle Dining Table, Intercon, Hayden Collection
Intercon Hayden Collection
Model # HY-TA-42100-RSE-R
Free shipping
Motif Rectangular Leg Dining Table - CLOSEOUT, American Drew, Motif Collection
American Drew Motif Collection
Model # 318-760
Classic Oak Rectangular Trestle Dining Table - Laminate Top, Intercon, Classic Oak Collection
Intercon Classic Oak Collection
Model # CO-TA-L4296-CNT-R
Motif Round/Oval Pedestal Dining Table - CLOSEOUT, American Drew, Motif Collection
American Drew Motif Collection
Model # 318-701R
Free shipping
Covington Round Dining Table, Bassett Mirror Company, Hollywood Glam Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Hollywood Glam Collection
Model # 2951-700-906EC
Free shipping
Summerglen Oval Leg Dining Table - CLOSEOUT, Hooker Furniture, Summerglen Collection
Hooker Furniture Summerglen Collection
Model # 479-75-200
Free shipping
Attic Heirlooms Rectangular Leg Dining Table, Broyhill, Attic Heirlooms Collection
Broyhill Attic Heirlooms Collection
Model # 5397-42SV
Free shipping
Arlington Square/Rectangular Counter Height Pedestal Table - Black, Intercon, Arlington Collection
Intercon Arlington Collection
Model # AR-TA-5454GI-BLJ
Coventry Round/Oval Pedestal Dining Table, Riverside, Coventry Collection
Riverside Coventry Collection
Model # 32551R
Free shipping
Indigo Creek Oval Leg Dining Table, Hooker Furniture, Indigo Creek Collection
Hooker Furniture Indigo Creek Collection
Model # 332-75-200
Free shipping
Milan Rounded Triangular Counter Height Leg Table, Somerton Dwelling, Milan Collection
Somerton Dwelling Milan Collection
Model # 153-68
Placid Cove Round/Oval Pedestal Dining Table, Riverside, Placid Cove Collection
Riverside Placid Cove Collection
Model # 16753R
Kona Rectangular Leg Dining Table, Intercon, Kona Collection
Intercon Kona Collection
Model # KA-TA-4278B-RAI-C
Vendome Square Counter Height Table, Acme Furniture, Vendome Collection
Acme Furniture Vendome Collection
Model # 62025
Hayden Round Pedestal Counter Height Table, Intercon, Hayden Collection
Intercon Hayden Collection
Model # HY-TA-5454G-RSE-R
Free shipping
Wakefield Round/Oval Leg Dining Table, Hooker Furniture, Wakefield Collection
Hooker Furniture Wakefield Collection
Model # 5004-75201
Free shipping
Vineyard Rectangular Leg Dining Table, Hooker Furniture, Vineyard Collection
Hooker Furniture Vineyard Collection
Model # 478-75-200
Free shipping
Hillside Village Rectangular Extra Long Dining Table, Intercon, Hillside Village Collection
Intercon Hillside Village Collection
Model # HV-TA-42144-BXX
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Items 1-36 of 3725 1 2 3 ... 104
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