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4 Types of Entertainment Centers to Wow Your Guests
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Now that you have upgraded your TV, sound system and Blu-ray player, complete the in-home entertainment experience with an impressive entertainment center. Choosing an entertainment center for your needs can be tricky but the right one will be a welcome addition that can enhance your décor while keeping all of your media organized. The Entertainment Center Store by Home Gallery Stores has all types and styles, so you are sure to find one to suit your every need. When purchasing an entertainment center consider how much space you have and how much media you need to store. Be sure to measure the length and depth of where you want your entertainment center to go and measure the height, width, and depth of your TV. This is the only way to guarantee your TV will fit in your new entertainment center. Also, measuring the area of where your entertainment center will go can give you a better perspective of just how much space will be taken up — you may think 72“ high doesn’t sound like a lot but a 6 foot entertainment center is definitely large.

The different types of entertainment centers will also play a big part in your decision because they all serve very different purposes and come in different sizes.

Entertainment Walls are going to be the largest and most diverse type due to the multiple areas of storage offered. If you have a widescreen TV, surround sound, gaming system, extensive movie and game collection, DVD player and Blu-ray player, this is going to be the entertainment center for you because it will help you keep it all organized. This type is going to take up the majority of a wall in your entertainment or living room, so make sure it will work cohesively and not overwhelm the rest of your furniture.

If you want an entertainment center that is more understated but still has plenty of storage, a corner entertainment unit is a good option. When you don’t want your TV and entertainment center to be the focal point of a room, a corner unit allows you easy access and style but won’t overpower the rest of your décor.

TV Stands/Consoles give you storage but are horizontal, rather than vertical, to give you more wall space. Or if you would like an entertainment wall but want something a little more streamlined, look into a TV stand/console with a hutch. This will give you the height you want but cut down on the bulk, since it will have less storage.

Media chests are a great option for a bedroom or other secondary television, since they do not take up much space at all. If you want a very simple stand for a TV and enough storage for remotes and maybe a DVD player, this is the way to go.

A TV armoire is going to give you the same height and clean lines that a TV stand with hutch would but is going to have doors on the front, so that when the TV is not in use, you can discreetly hide it away.

Maybe you do not use your TV very often or do not like having your TV on display all the time, then a lift unit entertainment center is a perfect option. A lift unit will have the look of a buffet/credenza but have a hidden slot where a flat screen TV can be hidden and pulled up when you want to use it.

There are other features you can choose when shopping for an entertainment center — an iPod dock, wire management, specific gaming drawers, etc., so if you have any questions, give us a call, the trained Home Gallery Stores sales team will gladly answer any questions.

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Placid Cove Entertainment Center, Riverside, Placid Cove Collection
Riverside Placid Cove Collection
Model # 16742R
Free shipping
New Generation Entertainment Center, Liberty, New Generation Collection
Liberty New Generation Collection
Model # 840-EC00R
Free shipping
Whiskey Oak Entertainment Center, A.R.T. Furniture, Whiskey Oak Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Whiskey Oak Collection
Model # 205424-2304R
Free shipping
Windridge Entertainment Center, Riverside, Windridge Collection
Riverside Windridge Collection
Model # 76540R
Free shipping
Brookhaven 44" TV Stand, Hooker Furniture, Brookhaven Collection
Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Collection
Model # 281-55-470
Free shipping
Placid Cove 69" TV Console w/ Hutch, Riverside, Placid Cove Collection
Riverside Placid Cove Collection
Model # 16740R
Free shipping
Craftsman Home Entertainment Center, Riverside, Craftsman Home Collection
Riverside Craftsman Home Collection
Model # 2941R
Free shipping
Aberdeen TV Console, Riverside, Aberdeen Collection
Riverside Aberdeen Collection
Model # 21240
Free shipping
Accent Console Table in Heavy Distressing, Pulaski, Accents Collection
Pulaski Accents Collection
Model # DS-517126
Free shipping
Quick ship
Clairmont TV Cabinet, Steve Silver, Clairmont Collection
Steve Silver Clairmont Collection
Model # CA540TVK
Free shipping
Quick ship
Harlinton Entertainment Center, Ashley, Harlinton Collection
Ashley Harlinton Collection
Model # W325-68R
Free shipping
Addison Entertainment Center, Riverside, Addison Collection
Riverside Addison Collection
Model # 65440R
Free shipping
Antigua 54" Entertainment Unit - CLOSEOUT, American Drew, Antigua Collection
American Drew Antigua Collection
Model # 931-593
Brookhaven 64" TV Stand, Hooker Furniture, Brookhaven Collection
Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Collection
Model # 281-55-458
Free shipping
Clermont Entertainment Wall, Hooker Furniture, Clermont Collection
Hooker Furniture Clermont Collection
Model # 5371-70222
Free shipping
Richland 60" TV Console, Riverside, Richland Collection
Riverside Richland Collection
Model # 65745
Brookhaven TV Stand, Hooker Furniture, Brookhaven Collection
Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Collection
Model # 281-55-476
Free shipping
4-pc Hartford Entertainment Wall, Parker House, Hartford Collection
Parker House Hartford Collection
Model # HAR#100-4X
Tynecastle Entertainment Center, Hooker Furniture, Tynecastle Collection
Hooker Furniture Tynecastle Collection
Model # 5323-55202
Free shipping
Chatelet Entertainment Console, Hooker Furniture, Chatelet Collection
Hooker Furniture Chatelet Collection
Model # 5351-55468
Free shipping
6-piece Cortina Entertainment Wall, AICO, Cortina Collection
AICO Cortina Collection
Model # NF65091R2
Free shipping
60" TV Stand, Hooker Furniture, Accents Collection
Hooker Furniture Accents Collection
Model # 500-55-114
Free shipping
Placid Cove Console Table, Riverside, Placid Cove Collection
Riverside Placid Cove Collection
Model # 16715
Grandover TV Stand - CLOSEOUT, Hooker Furniture, Grandover Collection
Hooker Furniture Grandover Collection
Model # 5029-70457
Free shipping
Chic Coterie 68" Entertainment Console, Hooker Furniture, Accents Collection
Hooker Furniture Accents Collection
Model # 5149-55486
Free shipping
Monte Carlo II Entertainment Unit - Silver Pearl, AICO, Monte Carlo II Collection
AICO Monte Carlo II Collection
Model # N53095T-03R
Free shipping
Sierra 68" TV Console, Riverside, Sierra Collection
Riverside Sierra Collection
Model # 3441
Free shipping
58" Coventry TV Console in Two-Tone finish, Riverside, Coventry Collection
Riverside Coventry Collection
Model # 32540
Free shipping
Maui Entertainment Console, Tommy Bahama Home, Royal Kahala Collection
Tommy Bahama Home Royal Kahala Collection
Model # 537-907
Free shipping
Craftsman Home Entertainment Dresser, Riverside, Craftsman Home Collection
Riverside Craftsman Home Collection
Model # 2963
Free shipping
Entertainment Console, Hekman, Entertainment Collection
Hekman Entertainment Collection
Model # 81641
Free shipping
Promenade Console Table, Riverside, Promenade Collection
Riverside Promenade Collection
Model # 84515
5-pc Genoa Entertainment Wall, Parker House, Genoa Collection
Parker House Genoa Collection
Model # GEN#600-5WS
Coventry 58" TV Console w/ Hutch, Riverside, Coventry Collection
Riverside Coventry Collection
Model # 32540R
Free shipping
48" X-Pandable Console Wall, Parker House, Huntington Collection
Parker House Huntington Collection
Model # HUN#400R3
Villa Valencia Entertainment base only (hutch sold seperately), AICO, Villa Valencia Collection
AICO Villa Valencia Collection
Model # 72095B-55
Free shipping
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