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A loveseat is a beautiful addition to a living room, bedroom, entryway, or dining room. Whether you are using your loveseat as everyday seating for your family or one that will only be used on occasion, a loveseat makes an exceptional accent piece to brighten up your home. Loveseats are described as a small seat built for two and will either have a low back or no back. The term settee is almost interchangeable for loveseat. Settees are built to fit up to three people and will have a high back. Loveseats are a wonderful way to add additional seating in larger rooms or take the place of a traditional sofa in a smaller area. The Loveseat Store by Home Gallery Stores has a multitude of styles and options to choose from to find the best loveseat for your home.

Loveseats are an extremely versatile piece of furniture that can work well in many rooms. In a large living room, you can pair a loveseat with sofa or sectional and chairs to have lots of additional seating for when people come over. Or if you have a small space, pairing a loveseat or two with accent chairs is a great way to maximize seating options without taking up a lot of room. A loveseat can also be added to a home office, bedroom or large dressing room for an unexpected look. You can choose a loveseat in a neutral fabric or fashion color/pattern. Loveseats are often used as an accent piece, which means different things to different people. A loveseat can help bring out secondary colors in other pieces of furniture or you can choose a neutral color and accent it with throw pillows or a slipcover. Other style features to consider are if you want arm or armless style, an exposed frame, and the type of fabric. Choosing the right fabric is very important; you want a material that is going to be durable, easy to clean, and appropriate for how your loveseat will be used. In the Loveseat Store by Home Gallery Stores, there is a large selection to fit all different style, from traditional to modern to country and everything in between.

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Kylee Lagoon Loveseat, Ashley, Kylee Collection
Ashley Kylee Collection
Model # 6640035
Sofia Love Seat, Lexington, Mirage Collection
Lexington Mirage Collection
Model # 7602-22
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from $2080.00
Conway Reclining Loveseat, Franklin, Conway Collection
Franklin Conway Collection
Model # 47522-35-14
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Rialto Leather Loveseat, Leather Italia, Santaramo Collection
Leather Italia Santaramo Collection
Model # 1409-8332-021288
Capri Loveseat, Rowe Furniture, Capri Collection
Rowe Furniture Capri Collection
Model # D173-000
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from $914.00
Reclining Power Loveseat, Ashley, Maytime Collection
Ashley Maytime Collection
Model # 1790074
Dane Loveseat (with options), Palliser Furniture, Dane Collection
Palliser Furniture Dane Collection
Model # 41066-03
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from $1080.00
Kylee Goldenrod Loveseat, Ashley, Kylee Collection
Ashley Kylee Collection
Model # 6640135
James Leather Loveseat, Leather Italia, Presidential Collection
Leather Italia Presidential Collection
Model # 1831-S9922-022952
Caesar Console Loveseat, Prime Resources International, Caesar Collection
Prime Resources International Caesar Collection
Model # 919-301-036
Alba Loveseat, Benetti's Italia Furniture, Alba Collection
Benetti's Italia Furniture Alba Collection
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Power Reclining Loveseat, Catnapper, Impulse Collection
Catnapper Impulse Collection
Model # 61242-3016
Endura Loveseat, Franklin, Endura Collection
Franklin Endura Collection
Model # 81120-12
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Reclining Power Loveseat, Ashley, Windmaster DuraBlend Collection
Ashley Windmaster DuraBlend Collection
Model # 3020074
Harper Mineral - Loveseat, A.R.T. Furniture, Intrigue Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Intrigue Collection
Model # 161502-5036AA
Lehigh Loveseat, Chelsea Home Furniture, Lehigh Collection
Chelsea Home Furniture Lehigh Collection
Model # 195002-PR
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"Lay Flat" Reclining Console Loveseat w/ Storage & Cup holders, Catnapper, Siesta Collection
Catnapper Siesta Collection
Model # 1769-3478
Loveseat, Ashley, Gunter Collection
Ashley Gunter Collection
Model # U8130635
Sofia Leather Love Seat, Lexington, Mirage Collection
Lexington Mirage Collection
Model # LL7602-22
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from $3240.00
Tristin Rocking/Reclining Loveseat in Padded Suede, Franklin, Tristin Collection
Franklin Tristin Collection
Model # 64623
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Loveseat, Global, Mahli Collection
Global Mahli Collection
Model # UA230-LV-CAP-L
Camden Loveseat, Chelsea Home Furniture, Camden Collection
Chelsea Home Furniture Camden Collection
Model # 183752-5750
Free shipping
Valentina Loveseat, Benetti's Italia Furniture, Valentina Collection
Benetti's Italia Furniture Valentina Collection
Free shipping
Heather Loveseat, Chelsea Home Furniture, Heather Collection
Chelsea Home Furniture Heather Collection
Model # 5900-L-BE
Barbara Loveseat, Palliser Furniture, Barbara Collection
Palliser Furniture Barbara Collection
Model # 77575-03
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from $1155.00
Kingston Loveseat, Broyhill, Kingston Collection
Broyhill Kingston Collection
Model # 3649-1
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Loveseat, Global, Appius Collection
Global Appius Collection
Model # U9103-CAP-L
Aidan Loveseat, Palliser Furniture, Aidan Collection
Palliser Furniture Aidan Collection
Model # 77337-03
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from $730.00
Halle Loveseat, Jackson, Halle Collection
Jackson Halle Collection
Model # 4381-02
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Faron Loveseat, Palliser Furniture, Faron Collection
Palliser Furniture Faron Collection
Model # 77950-03
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from $880.00
Gale Russet Loveseat, Ashley, Gale Collection
Ashley Gale Collection
Model # 7780035
Loveseat, Fairmont Designs, Tranquil Bay Collection
Fairmont Designs Tranquil Bay Collection
Model # D3672-02
Ridley Loveseat, Broyhill, Ridley Collection
Broyhill Ridley Collection
Model # 3743-1
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Trinidad Loveseat, Padma's Plantation, Trinidad Collection
Padma's Plantation Trinidad Collection
Model # T113
Suede Wood Trim Loveseat, Broyhill, Suede Collection
Broyhill Suede Collection
Model # 3578-1
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from $870.00
Violetta Loveseat, Benetti's Italia Furniture, Violetta Collection
Benetti's Italia Furniture Violetta Collection
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Items 1-36 of 1264 1 2 3 ... 36
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