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Which Type of Sofa Suits Your Home?
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Your sofa is probably one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your home. Most of your family’s activities happen in the living room and your sofa is the centerpiece; you sit and talk, watch TV, read, nap, and play, all on your sofa. When you begin looking for a new sofa, it’s important to consider who is going to be using the sofa and how it is going to be used. For some people, they want a traditional style to be used in a more formal sitting room and others need a sofa that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. The Sofa Store by Home Gallery Stores features a vast selection of upholstered and leather couches in all styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, to help complete the look of your living room.

There are many different types of sofas with looks and features to fit what is important to you. If you frequently have out-of-town guests but do not have a spare bedroom, a sleeper sofa may be a good investment. Or if you want to take the level of comfort up a notch, opt for a reclining sofa. Reclining sofas can either be manual or powered, so that there is a comfortable and convenient option for everyone. There are contemporary sofas that are low to the ground or traditional three-person, stationary styles. If you have a large family or often need extra seating, check out The Sectional Sofa Store by Home Gallery Stores to see all of our stationary, reclining, and chaise sectionals.

Once you've chosen the type, look at the different features, such as seat cushions, back cushions, shape, and frame that make up the overall style. Do you want a traditional stationary sofa in a neutral color that can easily work with all types of décor? Or are you looking for a bolder choice that is going to be the focal point of your living room? Look at your current home décor style and decide what will work best or maybe you want to redecorate and go with something completely different — only you can decide what is best for your home. The last piece of the puzzle is to measure how much room you have. Measuring the length and depth ahead of time helps you avoid being surprised when your sofa is delivered and you find you will need to return it. If you have any questions about our sofas, please call or email one of our trained sales staff who would be happy to help.

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Emily Sofa, Broyhill, Emily Collection
Broyhill Emily Collection
Model # 6262-3
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Free shipping
Landon Sofa, Broyhill, Landon Collection
Broyhill Landon Collection
Model # 6608-3
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Free shipping
as shown $949.00
Lavelle Tufted Sofa, AICO, Lavelle Collection
AICO Lavelle Collection
Model # 54815-CHPGN-04
Free shipping
Sheridan Sofa, Franklin, Sheridan Collection
Franklin Sheridan Collection
Model # 81740-15
Sting Double Reclining Sofa, Southern Motion Furniture, Sting Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Sting Collection
Model # 584-31
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as shown $1669.50
Villa Valencia Tufted Sofa, AICO, Villa Valencia Collection
AICO Villa Valencia Collection
Model # 72815-GREEN-55
Free shipping
Martin Sofa, Rowe Furniture, Martin Collection
Rowe Furniture Martin Collection
Model # G560-000
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Harley Sofa, Palliser Furniture, Harley Collection
Palliser Furniture Harley Collection
Model # 77323-01
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Fandango Double Reclining Sofa, Southern Motion Furniture, Fandango Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Fandango Collection
Model # 884-31
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Daystar Sofa, Ashley, Daystar Collection
Ashley Daystar Collection
Model # 2820038
Cooper Sofa - Fast Lane As Shown, Lane, Cooper Collection
Lane Cooper Collection
Model # 732-30-FAST
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as shown $730.00
Cassandra Sofa, Broyhill, Cassandra Collection
Broyhill Cassandra Collection
Model # 3688-3
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as shown $1000.00
Crescent Double Reclining Sofa with Power Headrest, Southern Motion Furniture, Crescent Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Crescent Collection
Model # 874-61P
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as shown $2155.25
Evans Double Reclining Sofa w/ Fold Down Tray Table, Lane, Evans Collection
Lane Evans Collection
Model # 323-46
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Wonder Double Reclining Sofa, Southern Motion Furniture, Wonder Collection
Southern Motion Furniture Wonder Collection
Model # 585-31
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as shown $1655.75
Ashland Sofa, Franklin, Ashland Collection
Franklin Ashland Collection
Model # 81140-25
Darcy Mocha Sofa, Ashley, Darcy Collection
Ashley Darcy Collection
Model # 7500238
Hannin Sofa, Ashley, Hannin Collection
Ashley Hannin Collection
Model # 9580338
Kinlock Sofa, Ashley, Kinlock Collection
Ashley Kinlock Collection
Model # 3340038
Lisa Sofa - Cobalt Blue, Chelsea Home Furniture, Lisa Collection
Chelsea Home Furniture Lisa Collection
Model # 6300-S-CB
Free shipping
Imperial Court Wood Trim Sofa, AICO, Imperial Court Collection
AICO Imperial Court Collection
Model # 79815-CHPGN-40
Free shipping
Dakota Recliner Sofa/ DDT/ Lights/ Drawer w/ Dual Power, Franklin, Dakota Collection
Franklin Dakota Collection
Model # 59639-27
Essex Manor Sofa, AICO, Essex Manor Collection
AICO Essex Manor Collection
Model # 76815-DPBRN-57
Free shipping
Cambridge Sofa, Broyhill, Cambridge Collection
Broyhill Cambridge Collection
Model # 5054-3
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Free shipping
as shown $1000.00
Anondale Sofa, Acme Furniture, Anondale Collection
Acme Furniture Anondale Collection
Model # 15030
Chateau Beauvais Sofa, AICO, Chateau Beauvais Collection
AICO Chateau Beauvais Collection
Model # 75815-ANGLD-39
Free shipping
Savannah Sofa, Hooker Furniture, Stationary Seating Collection
Hooker Furniture Stationary Seating Collection
Model # SS186-03-089
Free shipping
Martinsburg Meadow Sofa, Ashley, Martinsburg Collection
Ashley Martinsburg Collection
Model # 5730038
Dalton Sofa, Rowe Furniture, Dalton Collection
Rowe Furniture Dalton Collection
Model # F130-000
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West Haven Stationary Sofa, Bradington Young, West Haven Collection
Bradington Young West Haven Collection
Model # 759-95
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Free shipping
Nantucket 3-Seat Sofa w/ Slipcover, Rowe Furniture, Nantucket Collection
Rowe Furniture Nantucket Collection
Model # A910-000
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Lorian Sofa, Palliser Furniture, Lorian Collection
Palliser Furniture Lorian Collection
Model # 77400-01
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Capri Sofa, Rowe Furniture, Capri Collection
Rowe Furniture Capri Collection
Model # D170-000
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Huxley Queen Sofa Bed, Rowe Furniture, Huxley Collection
Rowe Furniture Huxley Collection
Model # N600-030
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Sofa, Global, Okrent Collection
Global Okrent Collection
Model # U3250-R6U6-GR/BL-S
Nadine Sofa, South Sea Rattan, Nadine Collection
South Sea Rattan Nadine Collection
Model # 6203
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Items 1-36 of 2579 1 2 3 ... 72
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