4 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

The coffee table is one of the focal points in a living room, and the right combination of accessories will instantly pull everything together. Knowing how to style a coffee table is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give your space a makeover with items found around your house.


1. Simple and Classic

Rectangular Cocktail Table

So what do you put on a coffee table? If you are not sure where to start, go with a mix of classic coffee table decor. The combination of a decorative bowl, a small stack of books and a couple of candles will go with almost any living room style, and add some extra elegance.

Use items of varying heights, shapes, colors and textures to create more movement. Scatter your accessories throughout the table, but keep like items grouped together to maintain balance. Trays are very popular when it comes to decorating coffee tables. You can either use a smaller tray for one group of items, or a larger tray to display multiple groups of items. Opt for a mirrored tray for a more luxurious look.

(Pictured: Hooker Furniture Brookhaven Rectangular Cocktail Table)



Tufted Leather Coffee Table Ottoman2. Coffee Table Ottoman

If you want to know how to accessorize a coffee table and you have an ottoman or coffee table ottoman, you need to keep balance in mind. Trays provide an even surface to hold small delicate items in place. This will prevent them from tipping over. Items that are less likely to tip over, like magazines, can be easily held without a tray.

Combining a plant and a stack of magazines or books on your coffee table will create a more relaxing atmosphere. Coffee table books are great for adding your own personal touch by sharing your favorite reads with guests.

(Pictured: Abbyson Living Manchester Dark Brown Bi-Cast Tufted Leather Coffee Table Ottoman)



3. Glass Coffee Tables

Oval Glass Cocktail Table

If you want to know how to decorate your coffee table and you have a glass top, you can use its reflective qualities to your advantage. There are some neat glass coffee table decorating ideas that could help you get the most out of displaying your accessories. Space out artwork, flowers or vases on glass to allow their reflections to show through.

Remember that less is more, and too much coffee table accessorizing can easily look cluttered. You will be amazed at the difference adding just a few items can make.

(Pictured: Steve Silver Madrid Cocktail Table)



Small Round Cocktail Table4. Small Coffee Tables

Even the smallest coffee tables can be decorated to suit any style. Trays are still a great accessory for small coffee tables - any size works well, but you can go with a much smaller tray if you want to add more accessories, or just want to have extra space. It is always important to have some extra room to set down things like remotes, drinking cups, etc.

You can add vases or candles that have more height in order to make your table look bigger. If you want to know how to decorate a round coffee table, you can either keep one item or group of items focused in the center, or scatter items throughout the table.

(Pictured: Ashley Triad "3-in-1 Pack" (1 Cocktail/2 Ends))

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