5 Incredible Ways to Decorate Your Hallway

Hallways and entryways can sometimes get ignored, but even the narrowest spaces can be decorated in a way that makes a statement in your home. Make a great first impression by choosing the right setup.


Hall Tree

1. Organize

Placing a hall tree or console table near the entryway will keep everything organized and be a huge convenience for you and your guests. It sounds simple, but you won't believe how much of a time saver it is to have a place to put coats, keys, backpacks, umbrellas and scarves.

Hall trees will give you a more formal look, and have the advantage of built-in hooks and a storage bench. A console table will usually have a bigger surface to put your belongings, allowing you to put a tray of keys next to a lamp or family photo. You can always add a separate coat rack next to it for more storage.

(Pictured: Riyo Distressed Hall Tree)



Silver Leaves Wall Art

2. Wall Art and Photos

You can get really creative with the way you display wall art and photos in your hallway. Group items in a set or like items together in a collage, and place them at eye level. Stagger photos or art along the stairs, making sure every piece is evenly spaced. You can use family photos that all have matching frames, or artwork that has a consistent color scheme.

Photos and framed artwork also look nice when positioned in a horizontal line along the hallway (you can add another row if you have more pictures) or vertically to frame a doorway. If you have a longer hallway, you can widely space artwork along the entire length.

(Pictured: Silver Leaves Wall Art)



Decorative Wall Mirror

3. Mirrors

Mirrors work exceptionally well in any type of hallway, and will really come in handy if you are trying to make a small or narrow hallway look more spacious. Since mirrors reflect light, they will instantly open up any area and bring it to life.

The way you hang a mirror in your hallway will make a huge difference. You can multitask by using a decorative mirror that will serve as a statement piece while brightening the room. To open up the room even more, you can add a full length mirror and position it across from a window, artwork piece or plant. You could also position a wall mirror above a console table.

(Pictured: Lavelle Blanc Console Table Mirror)



                                                     4. Wall Shelves

Wood Wall Shelves

Using wall shelves to decorate your hallway is a neat way to display your items while maximizing space. Some things you could put on wall shelves are collectibles, artwork, trophies, photos, vases or plants.

Try opting for neutral wall shelves to make your items stand out, or mirrored shelves that will give off a nice reflection. Group like items together in your arrangement, whether they come from the same collection, or have similar colors or features. Stagger few shelves around each other to create more movement.

(Pictured: Booker 40" Gray Walnut Wood Floating Wall Shelf)



5. Lighting

2 Light Flush Mount

The way you light your hallway will change the entire mood. It is essential to have a well-lit hallway, as it keeps the area open and more inviting to guests. Place a couple of ceiling lights throughout a long hallway to distribute an even amount of light. If you have a short hallway, one ceiling light may be enough.

If you have high ceilings, you can put a chandelier in the entryway for a luxurious feel. Be sure to keep the stairway well-lit at all times, and have either a ceiling light or track lighting designated for the area.

(Pictured: Inverness 2 Light Flush Mount)

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