5 Types of Desks: Find Your Perfect Fit

Home office desks come in many shapes, sizes and styles. It is essential to determine how you plan on using your desk, so you can find one with the necessities that will provide you with the perfect combination of productivity and comfort.


Writing Desk

1. Writing Desk

A writing desk is the most basic type of home office desk. It has a long shape and plenty of surface space for working. It makes a great laptop desk, since it allows you to comfortably work on your computer with more than enough room to spare. A writing desk also makes an ideal children's study desk, since it is small enough to fit nicely in a bedroom.

Writing desks usually have small drawers that are perfect for storing paper, notepads, folders, books, pens and pencils. You can sometimes find one constructed with a center drop front drawer to fit a keyboard. Some writing desks have even more simple designs with no drawers at all, which is common if you are looking for a very modern desk. If you need more storage, you can always buy a separate hutch to put over your desk.

(Pictured: Riverside Promenade Writing Desk)



Executive Desk

2. Executive Desk

An executive desk is designed with a stack of drawers attached to each end, and usually has a deeper surface and drawers than a writing desk. The entire unit is also much heavier, which allows it to hold bulkier items. It sometimes has a roll-out drawer to hold a keyboard. If you are looking for a sturdy work desk, an executive desk is a good option since it will hold plenty of items, along with your computer. Some executive desks have many small drawers, and others have fewer larger drawers similar to the ones in a file cabinet.

(Pictured: Wynwood Furniture Westhaven Executive Desk)



Drop Front Secretary Desk3. Secretary Desk

A secretary desk has a drop front cabinet that turns into a writing tray. It can cover your materials and clutter when pulled back up. A roll top desk has a similar design, where you can slide the cover down to cover your writing materials and clutter. Both styles usually have additional bottom storage doors or drawers.

While secretary desks have evolved in their designs to become more simple and modern, you can easily find an antique secretary desk if you prefer a more traditional look. Secretary desks are normally narrower than other desks, which makes them ideal if you are limited on wall space. You can even opt for a small secretary desk with pencil legs instead of bottom drawers, which will save space and be easier to move from one room to another. 

(Pictured: Ashley Drop Front Secretary)



Computer Desk with Computer Hutch

4. Computer Desk

A typical computer desk (sometimes referred to as a computer credenza) is designed to hold a monitor, keyboard, tower and printer. The keyboard tray pulls out, and sometimes has an ergonomic palm rest to help prevent wrist strain (which is ideal if you plan on typing for long periods of time). Some computer desks have shelves for the monitor and printer, and others hold them with large slide-out trays. You can also find a small computer desk without a compartment for the printer, if you do not need that extra storage. Many computer desks have holes built in the surface to help hide stray wires and cords.

If you are looking for a college student desk, this is a good option since it has plenty of compact storage for a computer, books and studying materials. Some computer desks include hutches that perfectly fit over your monitor. This is great to consider if you would like extra space to display and store additional items - especially if you have a desktop computer that will take up a lot of the surface space.

Computer desk designs can vary based on their construction materials. A glass computer desk will have a more open back than a wood desk, while still providing a pull-out keyboard tray and bottom shelves for your tower and/or printer.

(Pictured: Lea Computer Desk w/ Computer Hutch)



L-Shaped Corner Desk

5. Corner Desk

A corner desk (also referred to as an L-shaped desk) fits perfectly in the corner of a room, and can give you twice the amount of surface space than you would get with a standard desk. Corner desks are usually constructed with built-in drawers on one or both sides. Some come with hutches for extra storage. You can also find a corner computer desk with compartments for a tower and printer.

Make sure you have a desk chair with wheels to use with your corner desk, as it will allow you to move easily from one side to the other.

(Pictured: Winners Only Koncept L-Shaped Corner Desk in Chocolate)


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