6 Essentials for a Cozy Living Room

Making a room look warm and inviting is a little more work than it seems - especially if you have a large space with high ceilings. These shortcuts will show you how to make a living room look cozy with some essential elements, so you won't have to put in that much effort.


1. Color

Jolanda II Blue Sectional

If you're looking for those perfect cozy living room colors, stick with a warm palette. Warm colors have yellow undertones, and will give your room a more intimate feel. Cool colors have blue undertones, and will make your room look more open and airy.

If you have a small space, choose lighter colors like warm white, beige and pale yellow. Incorporate some red or orange accents for contrast. If you have a larger space, add more bold, rich colors throughout the room.

(Pictured: Jolanda II Blue Sectional)


Accent Ottoman2. Furnish

There are many different ways you can get that perfect amount of cozy living room furniture. There is no need to swap everything out. If you are in the market for a new sofa, choose one with round, soft edges and corners instead of sharp and sleek. A sectional couch will instantly make a large room feel cozy.

If you want to work with the pieces you have, you can simply add a large ottoman in place of a coffee table. You could also create the same effect as a sectional by placing recliners or sofa chairs perpendicular to your couch to get that same "L" shape.

(Pictured: Lavelle Blanc Wood Trim Chair Ottoman)


Grey Flokati Area Rug


3. Accessorize

It's important to add just the right amount of accent pieces - you want to make your living room cozy, not cluttered.

Flokati shag rugs can instantly make a living room look more cozy. A throw blanket draped over the couch will also do wonders. Add large, fluffy throw pillows throughout the couch and on any sofa chairs or recliners. A small stack of books or magazines on an ottoman or side table will give a more inviting appeal. Add large plants in the corners of a room, or a small plant on a side table.

(Pictured: Anadolu 6 x 9 Weathered Rug)



Decorative Table Lamp

4. Light

Especially if you want to know how to make a big room look cozy, pay attention to how your room is lit. Let natural light in through the windows whenever you have the opportunity to. This will instantly bring your room to life.

Lamps are also ideal for creating soft lighting in your space, and will certainly make your room look cozy. Scatter them throughout the room, whether they are floor or table lamps. Avoid anything that gives off harsh lighting.

(Pictured: Derek Table Lamp)



5. Personalize

Picture Frames

One of the most popular cozy living room ideas is adding some personal touches. Photos and collectibles that reflect your personality will give your room that one-of-a-kind look.

If you want to get even more creative, you can start some DIY projects and make your own decor. Paint a vase with a pattern that reflects your style, or make your own photo collage and mount it on a canvas.

(Pictured: Citrita Decorative Ceramic Vases)



6. Mix and Match

If you want to know how to cozy up a living room and your furniture isn't too matchy-matchy, you're in luck. The more mixed pieces you have, the better.

Mixing wood finishes, styles and textures will make your room look like it was effortlessly put together. Take some time to arrange your furniture and items in multiple ways to figure out what works best. Different combinations of styles will complement each other and fall into place. You'd be surprised with how many different looks you can create!

(Pictured: Fresco DuraBlend Antique Sofa)

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