Choose The Perfect One: 8 Dressers/Chests

There are many types of bedroom dressers and chests to choose from. Whether you are looking for a tall chest of drawers or a small 3-drawer dresser, knowing the different types will help you select the best one for your lifestyle. 

*Before you buy: Make sure you are choosing the right type of chest or dresser drawers. Construction methods of dovetails, mounts and slides will make a difference in how your furniture will last in the long run, and you may even want to look into additional options like felt-lined or cedar-lined drawers.

1. Chest of Drawers

Chest of Drawers

A standard chest is tall and narrow, and has a single stack of drawers. Some bedroom chests have drawers that gradually become larger towards the bottom, and other chests have drawers that are all the same size.

A small chest of drawers can have as little as 3 drawers, while a tall chest of drawers can have as many as nearly a dozen drawers. If you want a 6-drawer dresser but do not have a lot of floor space, a single stack of drawers is a good option.

A sleek, black chest of drawers can match well in a contemporary bedroom. A pine dresser or chest with a heavily distressed finish could blend in well with more casual decor. You can also find a white dresser or chest with elegant molding to give a more antique style.

Before you buy your bedroom dresser or chest, make sure you know the dimensions of every drawer, and will be able to pull each one all the way out in the area where you want to put it.

(Pictured: Stanley Chest)


Double Dresser

2. Double Dresser

A double dresser is shorter and wider than a chest of drawers. They come in all sizes - you can find a 4-drawer dresser, a 12-drawer dresser and everything in between. If you are short on space, a corner dresser is an ideal option.

The advantage of a double dresser is that it can still hold as many as a dozen drawers, while being low enough to place a mirror over top. Double dressers with mirrors are easy to find in matching sets. The wide surface on a double dresser provides plenty of space to display family photos, decor, flowers, perfume or cologne.

This is also a great option for a kids' dresser, since the top drawers are easy to reach for smaller children. If you are looking at kids' dressers for children who share a room, you can get a 6-drawer dresser or an 8-drawer dresser with double rows.

(Pictured: Broyhill Primo Vista Dresser)


3. Accent Chest

Bombe Accent Chest

If you already have a 5-drawer dresser and just want a bit of extra storage, an accent chest could be a great option for you. Accent chests make excellent statement pieces, while serving the function of storing your items. You can find accent chests in a wide variety of styles, shapes and color combinations. They can have anywhere from one to four small drawers, and some have cabinet doors instead of drawers.

A bombe chest bulges out in the middle, and usually has two or three drawers. More traditional or antique bombe chests have shorter legs with elegant detailing, while contemporary bombe chests have longer legs and more minimal detailing.

An antique chest of drawers makes a great accent piece.  A hand-painted accent chest can give you a one-of-a-kind look.

(Pictured: Pulaski Maci Bombe Accent Chest)


Gentleman's Chest

4. Gentleman's Chest

A gentleman's chest usually has one large drawer at the bottom, and a vertical row of smaller drawers above right next to a large hinged door. Although gentleman's chests are usually found with more traditional designs, you can now find more that have more sleek, contemporary styles.

There are usually a few shelves and hooks behind the cabinet door. Some gentleman's chests are designed with a mirror on the door.

(Pictured: AICO Monte Carlo II Gentleman's Chest)


Lingerie Chest

5. Lingerie Chest

A lingerie chest has small, narrow drawers that are designed for storing delicate items. Lingerie chests usually have traditional, feminine designs. A more modern take on this type of furniture that has become quite popular is a mirrored lingerie chest.

Since a lingerie chest has a tall, and very narrow shape, it can easily fit in almost any bedroom that is limited on floor space. It is common to place a lingerie chest at the corner of a room. Although lingerie chests are tall, you can still place and comfortably reach items on the surface such as perfumes, flowers, or any other accessories.

This type of chest is also commonly used in nurseries since its drawers are the perfect size for storing baby clothes. If baby dressers provide more space than you need, this is a great option.

(Pictured: Kincaid Lingerie Chest)


Bachelor's Chest

6. Bachelor's Chest

Bachelor's chests were widely used in the 17th century. The design used to consist of a folding top that could turn into a writing tray. The drawers are shallower than what you would typically find in a standard dresser.

A bachelor's chest is now a popular choice for a nightstand, since it provides more drawer space than other night tables. It usually has three or four drawers. If you find that you are running out of storage space in your nightstand, it may be a good idea to swap it out for a bachelor's chest.

(Pictured: Stanley Bachelor's Chest)


Media Chest

7. Media Chest

A media chest is designed to act as a TV stand, and is built with open top shelves to store electronic accessories like a DVD or Blu-ray player. There are usually built-in holes to wire the cables through.

Media chests typically have single or double stacks of drawers. The drawers are typically quite spacious, and are ideal for storing items like DVD collections or extra clothing and linens.

Make sure you know the width and depth your TV chest so that your television can sit on top comfortably. Whether you plan on putting your media chest in your living room or in your bedroom, know how high your television will sit so you can watch your favorite programs comfortably.

(Pictured: A.R.T. Furniture Intrigue Media Chest)


Trunk Storage Chest

8. Storage Chest

A storage chest or trunk is typically short and wide. It is ideal for storing large items like blankets, pillows, sheets and towels. Storage chests are also perfect for storing toys in a child's room. You can place your storage chest at the foot of the bed to save room.

Some storage chests are designed for the outdoors, which are perfect for holding cushions for your patio set. You can find them in weather and UV resistant materials.

(Pictured: Acadia Bronze and Calvados Trim Leather Steamer Chest)


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