Are You Picking the Right Recliner?

Rocker Recliner

A recliner is a great addition to any home, and it is important to invest in a high-quality, comfortable one that has the features to suit your needs. Although each type of recliner has different features, it is helpful to know which group the one you want falls into in order to better narrow your choice.

(Pictured: Raulo Mocha Rocker Recliner)


Power Recliners

With a power recliner, you can recline with the push of a button. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of reclining positions. You also have more control of the different settings to adjust your kick board, so you can customize it to your specific needs. The drawback is that since it is electric, you'll have to deal with extra wires and hide them in a place where nobody will trip over them. You are also more limited to where you can put a power recliner - there needs to be an outlet nearby. Power reclining chairs are also quite heavy, and typically tend to be more expensive. It is also a possibility that the motor could break, which could be a hassle and extra expense to get repaired.


Manual Recliners

Manual recliners are more basic, and generally give you two options for positions: sitting and laying. They operate with a side handle that can be pulled to release the kick board. Some handles are designed to be pushed down in order for you to position the recliner right back up, and other recliners require you to push down on the kick board with your legs. The downside is having to use some extra strength while adjusting your recliner to the right position. You also don't have the option to adjust the kick board to as many positions as you can, compared to when you are using a power recliner. A common mistake when using a manual recliner is pushing down too hard on the kick board with your feet. Simply sit in the recliner and throw your arms over your head, while gently pushing down on the kick board with your feet. The reclining chair will then position itself more easily.


Types of Recliners

Once you have decided whether you want a power or manual recliner, you can choose the type you want. Rocker recliners, glider recliners, two-position recliners and wall recliners are all available in power and manual.

  • Rocker Recliner: Rocks back and forth, and can usually be adjusted to fit certain angles
  • Glider Recliner: Moves backward and forward, and usually has a swiveling feature
  • Two-Position Recliner: Reclines in one position, and sits up in another position
  • Wall Recliner: Fully extends without compromising any space

Because of their motions, rocker and glider recliners are the most ideal for lounging around watching television, or rocking a baby to sleep. Two-position recliners are the most basic, and are good choices if you do not plan on using additional adjustment or motion settings. Wall recliners are great for tighter areas, allowing you to have that full comfort and support of a recliner while saving room.



The material of your recliner is crucial - especially if you plan on using it on a daily basis. Make the decision based on your lifestyle. Leather, microfiber and vinyl are popular choices, and are among the most long lasting. While a leather recliner has a luxurious look and can easily match almost anything, a microfiber recliner is easy to clean and may be more ideal with children or pets around. Vinyl is usually more affordable than leather, but will not age the same way and feel any softer over time. Recliners are also made in cotton and velvet materials, which look nice but may be a bit more difficult to clean.


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