Curios: The Key To Styling And Decorating

Glass curio cabinets are perfect for displaying your favorite accessories with flair, and can take up a minimal amount of space. Here's the breakdown on the different types of curios and ways to style them, whether you are looking for contemporary curio cabinets or traditional curio cabinets.


What Is A Curio Cabinet?

They are usually tall and narrow, with the exception of antique curio cabinets which are wider. Curios come in all shapes and styles. They typically have glass shelves, mirrored backs, and doors on the front or side. Some have interior lighting and adjustable shelves. For extra storage, you can find a curio with drawers or doors underneath. If you're wondering where to put these stylish glass cabinets, the answer is anywhere! It depends on what you plan on using one for. Curios that display dishes can look nice in the dining room or living room. Display cabinets for porcelain figurines work well in a bedroom.


Choosing the Right Style

You can find traditional curios and contemporary curio cabinets. Traditional and antique curio cabinets usually have wood frames. Contemporary curio cabinets have a much sleeker design, and sometimes have less visible metal frames.


Contemporary Curio Cabinets

Contemporary Curio Cabinet        Contemporary Curio Cabinet

(Pictured Left: Chocolate Cherry Door Curio)
(Pictured Right: Half Round Curio 20858)



Traditional Curio Cabinets

        Traditional Curio Cabinet                      Traditional Curio Cabinet                     

(Pictured Left: Bradington Display Cabinet)
(Pictured Right: Donegal Display Cabinet)




Corner Curios

If you don't have space for a standard curio, you can get a corner curio cabinet. These are designed to fit right in the corner of a room, and they still have all of the same features as standard curios. These glass curio cabinets are ideal for small rooms or apartments.

Corner Curio Cabinet         Corner Curio Cabinet                                    

(Pictured Left: Cherry Corner Curio 3393)
(Pictured Right: Cherry Corner Curio Cabinet 950195)



Short, Wide Curios

Short, wide glass curio cabinets are great to look into if you have a limited amount of wall space. This style has other benefits - you can display your items on top of your curio, or hang wall art over it. Antique curio cabinets are usually wide and tall.

Wide Curio Cabinet
(Pictured: Ridgewood Cherry Trophy Display Case)


How to Decorate a Curio

Glass curio cabinets display everything beautifully, from the most extravagant to the most simple. These are some of the most common items people put in curios:

  • Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Dishes
  • Vases
  • Drinking Glasses
  • Artwork
  • Framed Photos
  • Porcelain Figurines
  • Model Cars
  • Flowers
  • Books

The items you choose for your curio will change the whole look. In traditional curios, you may find more antiques, collectibles and porcelain figurines. In contemporary curios, you may find monochromatic or bold pieces of artwork and vases.


Measure Your Display Items

Along with measuring the dimensions of the curio (including each shelf) and your space, you need to measure your items. You don't want to find out that the vase you were planning on displaying in your glass curio cabinet is too tall to fit. Arranging each group you want to put on each shelf will ensure that your vision will work with the piece you want.


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