Country Decor: 4 Ways

You can instantly bring warmth and coziness to your home with country-style furniture. These four variations of country home decor will help you get started with transforming any room to your own style.


1. French Country

French Country Bedroom Decor

French country decor is ideal to bring into your home if you want a style that is elegant, yet relaxing. The incorporation of romantic elements will give you that luxurious, comfortable look you see when you browse through your favorite country home decorating catalogs. You can find a wide range of French country furniture with exquisite detailing and different levels of distressing to suit your personal style.

For a casual look, you can pair pieces with more simple accessories and light, neutral colors. If you are looking for neutral country home decorating color ideas, try shades like ivory, cream, bisque, tan, beige and pewter. For more casual country bedroom ideas, find a comforter that has minimal or no patterns.

(Pictured: American Woodcrafters Chateau 4-pc Sleigh Bed Set)



Rustic Country Dining Room Decor2. Rustic Country

If you want to go with more natural wood finishes and textures, you may want to try rustic country furniture. Rustic country wood furniture is normally as close to its unfinished state as possible, with rough edges and heavy amounts of distressing.

When decorating your home with rustic-style furniture, try to mix as many finishes, textures and colors as possible. Warm shades like red, gold, yellow, orange and brown will blend in nicely. Rustic furniture will look great in a room with wood floors, and you can add a textured rug for a more cozy look.

(Pictured: Treasures Extension Rectangular Leg Dining Table - Rustic Oak)



3. Modern Country

Modern Country Kitchen Decor

The modern country style is great if you like the contemporary look, but still want to make your home appear warm and inviting. It is also an opportunity for you to mix old and new pieces. With modern country decor you'll find striking qualities, like sleek edges and pendant lighting.

Get creative with the ways you combine modern and country elements into your home. Try using furniture with sleek edges and an oak finish. If you want to keep more modern qualities in your color scheme, try shades like light blue, light green, cool white or gray.

Some of the most popular country kitchen designs are modern. Bar stools are commonly used for seating, and you could also mix and match wood finishes by using contrasting tables and chairs. You will also find a lot of modern country kitchens with monochromatic neutral color schemes.

(Pictured: Paula Deen Home Paula Deen Down Home Rectangular/Square Counter Height Pedestal Table - Oatmeal finish)



Green Kitchen Organizer Cabinet

4. Pop of Color

Adding bold, vivid colors will instantly brighten up any country home. You can add a splash of color in your main furniture pieces, room decor or wall paint. If your furniture has the boldest color, try painting the walls a lighter color to create balance. Another popular color scheme in country homes is white with a pop of color, like blue, yellow, red or green. You can have all white furniture with a splash of bold decor like throw pillows, rugs, paintings and flowers for an easily interchangeable look.

If you are looking for country living room ideas, you can mix solids and patterns that fit the same color scheme. For example, you can pair a solid red couch with a red and white floral loveseat. It is common for country living room furniture to have a somewhat distressed finish, which not only has a stylish look, but is more likely to hide daily wear and tear.

(Pictured: Paula Deen Home Paula's Kitchen Organizer Cabinet)


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