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Curios: The Key To Styling And Decorating
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Maybe you are a world traveler, talented sculptor or a hunter of the vintage and valuable — no matter the motivation, you are going to need a beautiful curio cabinet to display your treasures. A decorated and beautifully styled curio is sure to be a stand out piece of furniture in your home. There are several types and...

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features to choose from but no matter what style and features you want in your curio cabinet. There are other features to consider when purchasing your curio cabinet. A lighted interior draws all of the attention in a room to the collection on display. If you have more valuable objects, invest in a curio with locking doors. A mirrored back helps to open up a room and place an emphasis on all angles of the decorative items. The Curio Cabinet Store by Home Gallery Stores features over 300 different curio cabinets, so finding one that fits with your style will be an easy task.

Many people place their curio cabinet in a dining room, living room or home office, depending on the objects that will be on display. Traditional curio cabinets often are made of solid wood and have intricately carved details and clean lines. Also, traditional styles include glass doors and adjustable shelves. A contemporary style will usually have glass shelves, sides, back and doors with a metal frame. If a contemporary style is made of wood, it is usually a more exotic type of wood. Also, you can find modern curio cabinets for sale in interesting shapes, like triangles or ladder style.

There are several types of curio cabinets to choose from and The Curio Cabinet Store by Home Gallery Stores has plenty to browse through.

Bunching Curios are made to be paired with other curios or stand alone. If you are slowly growing your collection, investing in one bunching curio is a great start until you are ready to expand.

Many curios are very large and can take up a lot of valuable real estate in a room. A corner curio is a good solution because it allows you to still have the shelving space you want but not overpower the rest of your room.

Half Round Curios are an excellent choice if you have a robust collection of items but don’t want a wall curio taking up all of your space. A half round curio cabinet has a flat back, so it can be put against a wall but rounded sides and fronts. This allows guests to still see all of your decorative pieces and it provides more dimension to a room.

Mini Curios are for those who have just a few very special items that they want to display but aren’t planning on growing the collection anytime soon. A mini curio takes up less space than a standard curio cabinet but still gives you a stand out piece for your home.

Wall Curios are standard square and rectangular curio cabinets but run on the larger size. This is a great option for the person with a very extensive collection and wants to tell a fluid story without the interruption that a bunching curio gives.

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