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The Essentials to Buying a Dining Set
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Home Gallery Stores offers dining room sets in all different styles. Clicking on the picture allows you to select the desired number of chairs as well as add or remove side pieces from your set. Almost every set can be customized to fit your specific needs!

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home...

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and The Dining Room Set Store from Home Gallery Stores has many options and combinations of dining room furniture to suit your exact needs. Your dining room table and chairs will be the obvious centerpiece of the dining room but there are many other pieces that can help complete the look of your dining room. Some of the dining room sets include a china cabinet, curio cabinet, or buffet. What type of set you choose depends on how much space you have and your style of entertaining.

There are several important deciding factors when narrowing down the options of dining room sets. Placement, size, style, and use are going to help you in making the final decision for what is right for your dining room. Do you have a separate dining room or open-concept design? Map out where you want each piece to go and measure how much space you have to work with. Are you the type of person who will use your dining room every day or is it reserved for special occasions? Do you want something casual enough so it can double as a homework station or a traditional, formal style that is specifically for elaborate entertaining? Also, think about how many people will be using the dining room on a daily basis and how many you will need to accommodate for when company comes over.

From talking with customers, we have found that one of the biggest concerns when choosing a dining room set is whether or not children are in the home. With kids, rectangular or square tables may not be the best choice because of sharp corners but a circle or oval table is a great choice. Materials are also a major consideration with kids. Glass is going to show fingerprints and potentially break much easier than wood and many parents will opt for a table without glass for these reasons. Also, light colored upholstery on dining chairs is going to show stains and is hard to clean; instead wood dining room chairs may be the best option.

Many of the dining room sets will include a leaf to help you accommodate extra people when necessary. There are several types of leaves – a butterfly leaf, drop leaf, removable leaf and self-storing leaves.

A butterfly leaf is a hinged leaf that is kept stored in the table and when stored, folded in half to resemble a resting butterfly. A table with a drop leaf is a good option for people who frequently need the extra seating space but do not want the hassle of having to assemble and un-assemble their table. A drop leaf table has a hinge on the side, so that the leaf can easily be propped up when needed or hang down when you need the extra space. The most common type of leaf is a removable leaf; a table with a removable leaf requires you to lift the whole leaf and pull on both sides to create a gap in the center for the leaf. A self-storing leaf is very easy to use – simply pull the leaf out from the side of the table. Depending on the table, there can be up to four leaves, one for each side, making it a great option if you typically just need a small table but like having the extra room.

Remember to read the description of dining room sets very carefully. The picture attached to each dining set may not be an exact match to all items included. You can always email or call a sales representative from Home Gallery Stores to confirm items included or to answer any additional questions you may have regarding dining room sets.

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