Give Your Bathroom a Quick Makeover in 3 Steps

If you aren't ready to replace your shower or sink just yet, you can still transform the entire look of your bathroom. Giving your bathroom a makeover can easily be done with a few simple changes.


Towel Rack1. Storage

It sounds simple, but maximizing your storage and minimizing the clutter will already make a huge difference. A bathroom storage cabinet or rack is a must have in any bathroom, and you can always add extra shelves and drawers if that means keeping all clutter at bay. If you are looking for a quick fix, add a storage unit that is shorter in height if you don't want to swap out your armoire for a larger one.

Folding or rolling up towels as you store them will not only open up more space, but maintain a clean look. For drawers, use shelf dividers and storage containers to make sure every item has a place.

(Pictured: Bronze Towel Rack)



Decorative Bathroom Mirror2. Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are easy to replace when it comes to giving your bathroom a makeover. This is a great way to change the look of your vanity area without having to get a new vanity.

You can get creative and search for different mirrors that suit your bathroom's style. This is also an opportunity to mix and match, or even make the mirror the focal point of the bathroom.

(Pictured: Ambella Home Andalusian Mirror)




Pedestal Stand


3. Accent Table

If you are looking for bathroom ideas for small spaces, adding an accent table will instantly add some style. This is especially ideal if you do not have enough wall or shelf space to display your favorite items.

You can put just about anything on an accent table in your bathroom. A picture frame, flowers, or a piece of artwork that goes with your theme will add a more personal touch. If this is for a guest bathroom, you can add a jar or basket of travel-size shampoos and other toiletries for your visitors.

(Pictured: Butler Specialty Company Pedestal Stand)




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