The Best Tabletop: Granite vs. Marble

Are you having trouble deciding between a granite countertop and a marble countertop? While both marble and granite tops are very good quality, there's a chance one might outlast the other when deciding which one is the best fit for your home.


Granite and Marble Qualities

Granite usually has a grainy pattern, and is available in a variety of color combinations that can match any room. It typically has a shiny appearance, although you can opt for honed granite if you prefer a more matte finish. Marble stone is softer than granite. It has a veining pattern, which can either be subtle or more concentrated.

Remember that since marble and granite are natural stones, no two products will look the same. Every pattern is different - some more drastically than others. However, those patterns are what make each product unique and beautiful. You can look at granite samples to get an idea of the color and design of how you want your new kitchen island top to look, but keep in mind that there will always be at least a somewhat subtle difference.


Where Granite Wins:

  • Easy to Clean: Since granite countertops are tough and durable, they can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth (sometimes with the addition of a gentle soap or granite cleaner). Marble countertops are more porous, so they will stain more quickly and easily - especially when dealing with spills from acidic liquids like orange juice and coffee.
  • Scratch-Resistant: It is very difficult to scratch granite with everyday use. Marble scratches more easily, which may not make it the best choice for a kitchen countertop if you plan on using sharp chef knives to prepare nightly dinners. Marble is more frequently used in bathroom vanities and bathtubs because of this, but it still works well on kitchen counters that have less traffic.

Where Marble Wins:

  • Light, Elegant Appearance: Marble has a beautiful veining pattern and that is difficult to duplicate. It has light, brightening qualities that are harder to find in granite. White marble is a common choice for rooms with more luxurious and romantic themes, and can effortlessly complement more delicate decor.
  • Available in Less Expensive Options: While some types of marble are rare and very expensive, it is easy to find less expensive options, like carrera (also known as Carrara) marble that will usually cost less than granite. This is important to keep in mind when you have a lot of area to cover.
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