The Best Curio Cabinet: What To Look For

Corner Curio CabinetCurio cabinets are a beautiful way to display art or collectibles. Many people will use a curio cabinet in their living room but can also be used in a dining room or home office. Display cabinets, wall curio cabinets, bunching curios, and corner curios can be found in all different styles and sizes to best suit your collection to be exhibited. Curios will have different features to be show off and store your items; lights, mirrored back, adjustable shelves, and locked doors.

(Pictured: Pulaski Corner Curio Cabinet - Chocolate Cherry)


There are several types of curio cabinets with different benefits for different collections. As with all new furnishings you are going to need to take measurements to ensure your curio cabinet will fit before making a purchase. Besides just the typical height, depth, and width dimensions you will need to make sure that there is enough room to open the front if you do not choose sliding doors. 

Wall curios or display cabinets are traditional square or rectangular curio cabinets. This is a great option for the person with a very extensive collection. Many sizes are available for wall curios and you can find all different styles.

Bunching curios are similar to wall curios but are made to be paired together or stand alone. If you are slowly growing your collection, investing in one bunching curio is a great start until you are ready to expand. A bunching curio will be smaller than a wall curio.

A corner curio cabinet is a good option for people who don’t have the wall space for a traditional display cabinet. When you can put the curio cabinet into a corner of your home it is freeing up plenty of other space for furnishings in your home while still giving you a place to store your collectibles.

Half round curios are an excellent choice if you have a robust collection of items but don’t want a wall curio taking up all of your space. A half round curio cabinet has a flat back, so it can be put against a wall but rounded sides and fronts. This allows guests to still see all of your decorative pieces and it provides more dimension to a room.

Mini curios are good for a small collection that won’t be growing anytime soon. A mini curio is roughly half
the size of a wall curio.

Curio CabinetFeatures

Some curio cabinets will have additional features to better display and store items. A mirrored back and interior lights will give you a better view of collectibles. Sliding doors are a good choice if you are putting your curio in a spot that isn’t easily accessible or does allow for a traditional pull out door. For people who have valuables or are worried about kids getting into your collection, be sure to get a curio cabinet that locks.


Curio cabinets are often placed in a living room so that you and guests can admire the collectibles on display. Or you can put a curio in a dining room in place of a china cabinet. And depending on what you are displaying, a home office can be a good place to show off professional awards. Since the point of a curio cabinet is to showcase items you will probably want to put your new curio in a high-traffic area in your home.

(Pictured: Color Time Ambience Pirate Black Display Cabinet)


Many curios will be a transitional style but there are also traditional and contemporary styles. For the most part, curios have to be sleek and clean so it does not distract from what is being displayed. The materials, color, shape, and top are going to influence the style most since the front and side will be made of glass. For example a curio made of wood in a dark finish with engravings on the top is going to be more formal, whereas a silver metal curio cabinet is going to be modern.


Obviously curio cabinets will be made mostly of glass, which means you’ll want a good glass cleaner to wipe off dust and fingerprints. The frames of curios are either metal or wood. Wood is going to require slightly more upkeep than metal and will have a more traditional look. Because you really won’t be touching your curio cabinet very often, this is a low-maintenance piece of furniture that will only require occasional cleaning.


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