How To Find The Most Comfortable And Stylish Accent Chairs

Accent ChairAn accent chair can bring a high level of style into almost any room in your home. Accent chairs can be used to help fill bare spaces and stylishly pull together living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, home offices, or entertainment rooms. Accent chairs come in all styles from traditional to country to rustic to modern so you can find one to fit any sort of decor. You can choose a formal style and neutral colored accent chair that will remain in style for many years. Or pick an accent chair in a fun chevron or bright floral pattern to be the standout, focal piece of a room.

Even though accent chairs are typically considered just an aesthetic addition, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort and functionality. A new trend in home decorating is adding a plush club chair or wing chair with an ottoman to a living room or bedroom as a designated reading nook. Or you can add an occasional chair that can easily be moved and will serve multiple purposes around your home. Before making a purchase, there are certain considerations you must take into account to ensure you are buying the right accent chair for your home.

(Pictured: Hooker Furniture Calypso Hibiscus Accent Chair)



Rooms and Use

An accent chair can easily fit into almost any room in your home. A living room, den, study, family room, bedroom, guest room, or dining room can all be enhanced by an accent chair. For some people, adding an accent chair is purely for aesthetic purposes and they will choose a style that is heavy on ornamentation and comfort is not a big concern. For other people, their accent chair must be just as comfortable as it is attractive. As with all types of furniture, you have to know the intended use before making a purchase. Some accent chairs can easily be used in multiple rooms, while others are meant to remain stationary. If you have a small space, an occasional chair, Parsons chair, or even slipper chair can be a great solution for adding a lot of style without taking up a lot of room, while serving multiple purposes. Other types, like wing chairs or club chairs, are going to be heavier and will probably not be moved often.

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Exposed Wood Chair Style

Accent chairs are one of the easiest ways to make a major style impact in a room. For people who love patterns and colors, an accent chair is a low-commitment but high-impact way to bring an interesting look into a room. Instead of buying a sofa or sectional in a trendy pattern that cannot easily be changed, many accent chairs are easy enough to re-upholster if you find later on that you want a change. With accent chairs, there is something to fit any type of design personality. You can find accent chairs in any color, shape, and style to help complete the look of your home.

(Pictured: Sam Moore Kamea Exposed Wood Chair)

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There are several categories of accent chairs that can be added to your home. These are just some of the common categories; with modern designs not all accent chairs may fall into one of these types.

Club Chairs

Arguably one of the most well-known of upholstered chairs, chairs originated in France and were known as fauteuil confortable, meaning the “comfortable chair” and feature low backs, plush seats and wide arms. Over time the shape has changed somewhat and the definition of what is considered a club chair has broadened. Today’s club chairs will still have plush arms, seat, and back for a cozy look you will want to lounge in.

Wing Chairs

The classic wing chair is characterized by the enclosing “wings” that are mounted to the back and typically expand to the arms. Usually wing chairs will have a high back and wooden legs. Wing chairs were first designed in the 1700s to protect against drafts when sitting. A wing chair is a traditional, elegant shape but can be made more modern with a colorful fabric choice.

Skirted Parsons ChairParsons Chairs

Parsons chairs are a great option if you want to add an accent chair but don’t have a lot of space; Parsons chairs are armless and typically narrow but provide lots of sophistication. A Parsons chair can also double as an occasional chair since they are lightweight enough to easily be moved around and can be used as a dining chair as well.

(Pictured: Hooker Furniture Clarice Skirted Parsons Chair)

Tub Chairs

Tub chairs or barrel chairs are characterized by their rounded back that slopes forward and connects to the arms.  First seen in the Art Deco era, tub chairs will lend a modern vintage look to your home. Depending on the fabric you choose, tub chairs can be formal or casual.

Slipper Chairs

Slipper chairs are one of the most popular types of accent chairs because the armless style and low slung back is a classic choice that doesn’t take up a large amount of space. While seemingly similar to Parsons chairs, slipper chairs are slightly wider, have a shorter back, and are lower to the ground.

Occasional Chairs

An occasional chair is multi-functional; meaning it will work just as well in a dining room as it will in a home office. Occasional chairs are lightweight so you can easily move them from room to room as needed. Many times occasional chairs will have a decorative wooden back and upholstered seat.

Corner Chairs

As the name implies, a corner chair easily fits into the corner of a room. Originally designed in the 1700s, corner chairs make it easy for a person to turn from side to side and stand and sit. Corner chairs can also be placed at desks diagonally, with the feet in a diamond shape, so the arms allow you to get in and up from the chair easily.

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Club Chair Scale

Accent chairs are one of the most diverse furnishings when it comes to scale. Club chairs are going to have the biggest difference in size because there is no standard shape. High-back wing chairs are typically going to be on the larger size and will have a commanding presence. Occasional chairs will be small so they can easily be moved around. Pictures can definitely be misleading and will not give you an accurate representation of the size in relation to your home. This is why it is so important to always measure furniture before making a purchase. Also, be sure to map out how the chair will flow with the rest of your furniture. Will there be enough space to walk? Is this chair the right height to complement the other furnishings in that room? Also, you need to consider if you want an arm or side chair. This will likely depend on the intended use. Small side chairs are good to use at a dining table whereas as a larger club chair with cushioned arms is going to be best in a living room.

(PIctured: Sam Moore Azriel Club Chair)

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Accent chairs may be made of wood, metal, or plastic. Many accent chairs are going to be upholstered.  What you choose will depend on your intended use. For instance, chenille may be soft and durable and great for day to day living. Leather is consistently in style and ages beautifully; another benefit of leather furniture is the Mayo Clinic has suggested it is good for people with allergies. Kid and pet friendly options are microfibers, polyesters, performance leathers and leather alternatives such as polyurethane. These fabrics are going to be durable and easy to clean.

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