Finding The Perfect Accent Table

Accent TableAn accent table is a great focal point to fill bare spaces and stylishly pull together living rooms, bedrooms, entryways, home offices, or entertainment rooms. Whether you are looking for a traditional, country, rustic or modern accent table, the Accent Table Store by Home Gallery Stores has plenty of styles to choose from. Even though accent tables are typically added for aesthetic purposes does not mean that an accent table isn’t functional. You can get almost any type of table, ranging from side tables to cocktail tables, as an accent table. The difference between an accent table and other tables is, quite simply, the look. Accent tables are made to be ornate and eye-catching to help accentuate a room.

(PIctured: Villa Valencia End Table)

Rooms and Use

Accent tables can go into literally any room to give your house a little pizzazz. The ornamentation is what defines an accent table but you can also get a lot of use out of an accent table. Once you decide on a room and figure out the placement of your accent table, plot out how it will work with the other furniture.  Do you want people to use the table or have it purely for looks? If this will be a functional accent table, consider who is going to be using it. For example, an accent table with intricate metal details or sharp corners might not be a good choice if there are kids in the house. Similarly, even though you might have chosen an accent table with the intent of it to be just for aesthetics that might not be the reality. Before making a purchase, be as realistic as possible about any potential wear and tear and this will help you narrow down the selection of accent tables.


Accent tables are one of the top items in terms of a large selection of styles to choose from. There are seemingly endless possibilities for accent table designs. While this can be overwhelming when you are first looking for a new accent table, there are a few ways to narrow down the selection process. Are there certain materials you want to include or stay away from? Do you want a dark or light finish? Is there a particular color you want to incorporate? Are you looking for something traditional or more modern? Or if you really are not sure where to start, look at decorating blogs or Pinterest for inspiration. Going through page after page of products can quickly become tiresome so it is best to have a vague idea of what you are looking for beforehand.    

Accent Table


Accent tables are just more ornamental versions of classic table types. The distinguishing characteristic between accent tables and their traditional counterparts are the decorative elements that will make it a focal point. There is no one particular quality that defines an accent table – just what you find special and stylish.  All types of tables can qualify as an accent table; the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” certainly applies when choosing an accent table for your home.

Accent tables will typically fall into one of these categories; end tables, sofa tables, tray table, accent chest, nesting tables, coffee tables, or trunks. What sets them apart are the unique shapes or decorative elements you wouldn’t typically associate with these table types. Also, because accent tables are so unique you don’t necessarily have to narrow down your selection by table type. When looking online for accent tables, it is easier to sort through the selection by choosing elements of a style and sorting through that way.

                                                                           (Pictured: Fine Furniture Design Accent Table)


Accent tables are typically going to be small but this greatly depends on the type of table that you choose. Tray tables are going to be smaller than a sofa table for instance but size will certainly differ even between tables that are the same type. Pictures can definitely be misleading and will not give you an accurate representation of the item’s size. This is why it is so important to always measure furniture before making a purchase. Also, be sure to map out how the table will flow with the rest of your furniture. Know how you are intending on using your accent table and make sure that any other pieces that will accompany it are of a suitable height. For example, if you are choosing an end table, measure the arm height of the chair or sofa it will be paired with so that it is a comfortable match.


Accent tables will be made of many different materials ranging from wood to metal to plastic. Accent tables will usually incorporate more than one material to help give more ornamentation. For example, many tables will be made of wood but have metal accented feet or marble inlays in the table top. Other ways that accent tables may be decorated are with paint or hand carved engravings. If you are choosing an accent table with multiple materials, you will need to know how to properly care for each to ensure your table will continue to look beautiful throughout its lifetime.

Accent TableShapes

When deciding on a shape for your accent table, consider the table top shape and base style.  Table tops are usually going to just be round, oval, square, or rectangular but accent tables may have irregular shapes as well, such as hexagon or octagon. Table base styles may be pedestal, leg, trestle, or X-base. A pedestal or trestle base is typically more traditional while X-base and leg tables are transitional or modern. However with accent tables, these rules may not apply because accent tables can run the gamut. If you are set on a table top shape or base style, this can be a great way to narrow down your choices. However, if you are not sure what shape you want it is best to narrow down the selection by material or color first and look at all of the different shape options.

(Pictured: Pulaski Accent Table)


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