Settees: Styles And Uses For Every Room

If you need a 3-seater sofa, a settee is a good option that will give you a comfortable place to sit without taking up much space in your home. Settees are available in bold colors and designs that make great accent pieces, as well as neutral shades and shapes that will easily match your current decor. 


What is a Settee?

Traditional Settee

A typical settee is a long, decorative, seat with a high back that is usually meant for two to three people. If you are looking for a small 2-seater sofa, a settee could be a good alternative to a loveseat since it is usually lighter and more portable. Its style varies - sometimes it takes on more of the look of a mini sofa, while other times it can take on more of the look of a bench. Either way, a settee is available in enough styles, shapes and colors for you to find a way to put one in just about any room.


Many Uses For a Settee:

  • Additional seating in the living room, or even a substitute sofa
  • A place for guests to sit at the dining table when there are not enough chairs
  • A bench in a dressing room or walk-in closet
  • Desk seating in a home office
  • A bench at the foot of a bed
  • An entry bench for guests to sit on while putting on shoes

The cushion may be attached to the settee sofa or may be unattached like you see in a traditional couch. Settee cushions can be bought separately, which is good for customizing your style. Some settees come with matching accent pillows.

(Pictured: AICO Palais Royale Wood Trim Settee)



Casual Settee

Casual Settees

While we often see a traditional or antique settee with elegant moldings, its style has evolved in ways that make it the perfect addition to a modern home. Some settees can even be looked at as more casual pieces, since they have more basic shapes and no fancy detailing.

You can now find settees in solid, neutral colors that easily blend in with the furniture you already have. 

(Pictured: Lexington Diane Settee)



Contemporary Settee

Contemporary Settees

Some styles of settees have changed enough to fit better in more contemporary homes. They are designed with sleek edges, minimal detailing and little or no arms.

If you are styling a settee for a contemporary home, find one in a solid neutral or bold color. It is easy to find a gray, black or white settee to fit in with a monochromatic space. If you have a living room with a neutral color scheme, a red settee can be your vivid accent piece.

(Pictured: Sam Moore Hamlin Settee)


                                                                               Leather Settees

Leather Settee

Leather settees come in a variety of designs that will give you a high-end look. They are available in a wide range of colors, and many of them have tufted backs to add some style. If you are looking for a 2-seater leather sofa, a settee is a good option since it can provide you with more room.

If you like the look of leather but plan on keeping your settee near a window that allows in plenty of light, faux leather is an alternative that won't fade in the sun like natural leather does.

(Pictured: Lexington Sloane Leather Settee)



Styling Your Settee

Tufted Settee

If you want to know exactly where to put a settee and how to style it, you can be creative as you want. To make your living room look more inviting, buy two identical settees and place them on opposite sides to face a coffee table or ottoman. If your entryway settee bench is against a wall, you can hang wall art or a mirror over it. You could also position your settee right next to a bookshelf to create a cozy reading area.

You will find that different styles of settees will work best in different rooms, For example, you might find that plush, elegant tufted settees with rolled arms work well as bedroom benches, dressing room benches, or in luxurious living rooms. A wicker settee will look nice in a sun room, patio, backyard, or garden.

(Pictured: Lexington Sloane Settee)

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