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A mirror can add depth and interest to any room in any style. Use a mirror as an attractive and functional decorative piece of wall art in an entryway, living room, dining room or bedroom. The Mirror Store by Home Gallery Stores has over 1,700 decorative mirrors, dresser mirrors, full length mirrors, bar mirrors and...

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Berwyn Leaner Mirror, Bassett Mirror Company, Belgian Modern Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Belgian Modern Collection
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Castello Leaner Mirror, Bassett Mirror Company, Old World Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Old World Collection
Model #


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Villa Valencia Accent Wall Mirror with Storage in Cherry, AICO, Villa Valencia Collection
AICO Villa Valencia Collection
Model #


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Sanctuary Bardot Shaped Mirror, Hooker Furniture, Sanctuary Collection
Hooker Furniture Sanctuary Collection
Model #


Cityscapes Bruant Metal Mirror, A.R.T. Furniture, Cityscapes Collection
A.R.T. Furniture Cityscapes Collection
Model #


Palais Royale Gold Leaf Sideboard Mirror, AICO, Palais Royale Collection
AICO Palais Royale Collection
Model #


Sommer Dresser Mirror, Crown Mark Furniture, Sommer Collection
Crown Mark Furniture Sommer Collection
Model #


San Mateo Dresser Mirror in Brown, Pulaski, San Mateo Collection
Pulaski San Mateo Collection
Model #


Wyatt Dresser Mirror, Ashley, Wyatt Collection
Ashley Wyatt Collection
Model #


Messina Estates II Mirror, Liberty, Messina Estates II Collection
Liberty Messina Estates II Collection
Model #


Metropolitan 30" Mirror in Walnut, James Martin Furniture, Metropolitan Collection
James Martin Furniture Metropolitan Collection
Model #


Madison Arched Dresser Mirror, Legacy Classic, Madison Collection
Legacy Classic Madison Collection
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Floor Mirror with Jewelry Armoire Storage, Hooker Furniture, Accents Collection
Hooker Furniture Accents Collection
Model #


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Hollywood Swank Vanity Mirror in Crystal Croc, AICO, Hollywood Swank Collection
AICO Hollywood Swank Collection
Model #


Floor Mirror w/ Mirrored Frame, Coaster, Accent Mirrors Collection
Coaster Accent Mirrors Collection
Model #


Tuscano Sideboard Mirror - CLOSEOUT, AICO, Tuscano Collection
AICO Tuscano Collection
Model #


Villa Valencia Lighting Box For Dresser Mirror, AICO, Villa Valencia Collection
AICO Villa Valencia Collection
Model #


Beaded Wall Mirror, Bassett Mirror Company, Mirrors Collection
Bassett Mirror Company Mirrors Collection
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Items 1-18 of 2902 1 2 3 ... 162

leaning mirrors to suit all of your needs. No matter what style of mirror you had in mind, it will be easy to find what you are looking for because our selection of mirrors comes in a variety of materials, from metal to stone to all types of wood and come in all different colors and finishes to match your décor.

When shopping for a mirror, consider where you want to put it and what its purpose will be. If you want a decorative mirror, the possibilities of shapes and styles are endless — just make to measure your wall space before ordering one. If you want a mirror to hang over your dresser, choose one that matches the current style of your bedroom furniture and measure how much space you have between the dresser and ceiling. If you have a small room and you want to create the illusion of more space, a full length or leaning mirror can help you achieve this. Also, consider the shape of your mirror; round and oval mirrors will give a softer look to a room, while rectangular and square give more shape and depth.

No matter what shape or type you are looking for, we have a wide assortment to choose from. Or if you have any additional questions, the Home Gallery team is here to take your call.

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