Not All White Glove Delivery is Equal

White glove delivery is the best kind of delivery you can get, since it allows professionals to deliver furniture to your home with a low chance of damage. But while some companies offer different levels of white glove delivery, many do not - and it's up to you to ask the right questions and figure out exactly which type of white glove delivery service you're really getting.


There Are Many Types of White Glove Delivery

When you look at white glove furniture delivery, you might see the terms "damage-free" or "trouble-free." This is not true in all cases. In fact, the highest, best white glove delivery service will give you a 2% chance of damage, while the cheaper white glove delivery option will give you a 15% chance of damage.

So when a company has one kind of white glove delivery, how do you know which one you are getting? In order to ensure you are getting the highest white glove delivery service, you need to be aware of some things that may cause you more damage, and more trouble.


4 Things That Can Go Wrong With the Cheapest White Glove Delivery Option:


1. Your furniture will not get delivered to the room you need it in.

In some types of white glove delivery services, professionals are only responsible for just dropping your furniture off at the front door. This means you have to move, position and place the furniture in the room yourself, which could result in injuring yourself and further damaging the product when not done properly. Not only is this an issue with heavier, hard-to-move items, but this will be especially difficult if you need your furniture to be in a room far away from the doorway. The highest white glove delivery service will include placing the furniture in your room of choice.

When you get this service, always make sure you properly measure and clear the exact area, including any paths and doorways. If your furniture does not fit, you could be hit with fees for the extra maneuvering, which many companies charge by the hour. 


2. You will be left with debris and boxes in your home.

Not all white glove services include removing debris and boxes after delivery, which could be a huge inconvenience. Think about the amount of packing materials and boxes that come with each piece of furniture. The last thing you want is a mess scattered around your house, and having to navigate around your nice, new furniture while you clean it up. For a smooth furniture delivery, the job is best left to professionals. The highest white glove delivery service will include all box and debris removal. Always double-check that once your furniture is unboxed and unpacked, all boxes and debris will be removed. 


3. Your furniture will not be set up.

Many types of white glove delivery services do not include setting up and assembling your furniture. Are you prepared to set up a dining room table by yourself? Also look out for terms such as "basic setup" or "basic tools." The furniture you order might require a more thorough setup and additional tools, so always ask exactly what the setup covers. You absolutely must look into these details if you order a large piece of furniture, or an entire set.

Keep in mind that some white glove services that include setup may charge fees for additional assembly. They may give you the first 15 minutes of setup free, but charge you if it takes longer - and a dining room table with six chairs will usually take an hour to set up properly. Rates can go by the hour or even by 15-minute intervals, so ask how much time is required for everything you need set up. Also ask if inspection is included in your setup - if your furniture is not inspected by professionals and you find a defect after they leave, it will be more of a hassle for you to make a return.

4. You will have to move your furniture up the stairs yourself. 

Not all white glove delivery services include items to be delivered up and down a flight of stairs. There is a certain way that professionals are trained to move large, wide items up narrow stairways without bumping into the walls. If you attempt this yourself, there is a risk of damaging your furniture. The highest white glove delivery service will include moving your furniture up or down the stairs.

Always inform professionals if you have any extra flights of stairs, since some may charge a fee. In all cases, be specific with how many flights and steps you have. Fees can be determined by flight or by step, so make sure you have all the information before you are hit with unexpected charges.


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