Sustainable Furniture: The Beauty of Bamboo

BambooBamboo is often used to build sustainable furniture due to its environmentally-friendly properties. This grass is organic and does not contain any pesticides, chemicals or fertilizers. It is harvested from fully sustainable forests, removing carbon and releasing nearly 35 percent more oxygen back into the environment than equivalent stands of trees. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, growing to maturity in five years or less. The renewable resource is 20% harder than red oak and 30% harder than teak. (Photo: Greenington Bamboo Furniture)

Padma's Plantation Bamboo Stick Bunching Table Base With GlassThis sturdy material can create furniture in a wide variety of styles and finishes. The grain patterns and rich tones are what make bamboo so beautiful and unique. Each piece of bamboo furniture has a variety of beautiful tones, making it easy to match with your décor. Since natural bamboo has varying grain patterns, each piece is different, which makes this type of furniture special. (Pictured right: Padma's Plantation Bamboo Stick Bunching Table Base With Glass)

Whether you are looking for bamboo bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture and more, it is easy to find high-quality pieces that will not only add style to your home, but are eco-friendly as well. The design possibilities are endless. You can find sleek bamboo beds with crisp and clean lines, which will perfectly fit into any open, airy room. If your style is mid-century, you can find plenty of bamboo tables with splayed legs. 

Greenington Bamboo Furniture Currant Black Walnut Rectangular Dining Room Set

Greenington Orchid Platform BedGreenington Bamboo Furniture uses two methods to manufacture products – classic bamboo and exotic bamboo. Classic bamboo has a caramelized finish color, and is created from solid strips of the bamboo culm, which are laminated into solid bamboo stock and furniture panels of various thicknesses, plys and cross-plys. Exotic bamboo has a deeper, richer grain pattern, and is made from finer strands of bamboo fiber, which is heated and compressed into dense panels. Greenington Bamboo Furniture’s exotic bamboo is five times stronger than its classic bamboo.

(Pictured left: Greenington Bamboo Furniture Currant Black Walnut Rectangular Dining Room Set)
(Pictured right: Greenington Bamboo Furniture Orchid Platform Bed)

Source: Greenington Bamboo Furniture

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