The Magic of Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture has been a popular trend over the years, and can make any room look expensive and luxurious. There are countless ways to style mirrored furniture and make it a staple in your home.


Mirrored Drawer SetsMirrored Drawer Chest

Even though a mirrored bedside table is a small piece of furniture, you won't believe the difference adding one can make. A bedside table covered entirely with mirrors will bring strong reflective qualities, and make any area look glamorous.

If you are working with a small bedside space, placing a mirrored nightstand there will instantly open it up. Anything you place on top of your night table will be emphasized with its reflection, so choose your items wisely and avoid any clutter. You will find that some items, like perfume or cologne bottles, will really stand out and shine on a mirrored surface. Since the drawers on mirrored bedside tables have plenty of reflecting space, placing an item with interesting detail in front of those drawers, like an area rug, can look beautiful. The same rule can apply for mirrored dressers.

(Pictured: Hammary Mirror Drawer Chest)



Mirrored Headboard

Mirrored Headboards

When buying mirrored bedroom furniture, you may want to look into a mirrored headboard. Since the mirror will stretch along the width of your bed, a large portion of your room will be reflected.

This type of headboard can come in a mirrored bedroom furniture set, or as a separate piece. They are great if you want to make your bedroom look bigger. You can also position your headboard across a focal point of the room.

(Pictured: Standard Furniture Headboard Spread w/ Smoked Mirror & Panel Left & Right w/ Nightstand)


Antique Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Console Table with Drawers

Mirrored furniture doesn't always have to make your home look modern. Antique mirrored furniture will give you a shabby chic style while providing reflective qualities. You can find pieces with elegant characteristics, such as gold or silver detailing.

Since antique mirrored furniture has a slightly worn look, you may want to opt for it if you are worried about fingerprints. If you plan on using a mirrored vanity table for applying cosmetics, the antique finish will disguise any marks or scratches that come with daily use.

(Pictured: Bassett Mirror Company Borghese Mirrored Console w/ Drawers)

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