What to Look For When Buying a Futon

Whether you are looking to add a convertible piece of furniture to your living room or you need a sleeping option for your guest bedroom, a futon is an easy and low-maintenance alternative to a couch bed. Look into the different construction options and features to make sure you have the best, most comfortable futon.


Standard Futons

Bifold Futons

(Pictured: Abbyson Living Chandler Euro Lounger)


The most standard futon or click clack sofa has two positions: sitting upright into a couch, or laying completely flat down into a bed. It is also referred to as a bifold futon, since it folds right in half. This kind of futon sofa normally folds out into a full-size bed, although you can find queen and king-size futons in the same design. A bifold futon comes in many upscale styles that make it blend well in any living room, while its portability also makes it a great multifunctional addition to a college dorm or apartment.


Futon Frames

While some futons come in one piece, many futon mattresses and frames can be bought separately. Futon frames are normally wood, metal, or a combination of both. A metal futon frame is usually black or silver, although it can sometimes be found in other colors as well. A wood futon frame comes in a variety of finishes, and can sometimes be a little pricier than metal. Both metal and wood can make strong, high-quality futon frames. You may need more strength to open some futons over others, so that may be a determining factor.


Futon Mattresses

If you want to buy the best futon mattress that will give you the most comfort, make sure it has thick layers. The mattress should be about six inches thick. Keep in mind that there is nothing separating the mattress and the frame, so you need to make sure you cannot feel the frame through the mattress while you're laying down. Futon mattresses are usually made of cotton, foam or wool. If you want your futon or click clack sofa to have the closest resemblance to a bed, the best futon mattress for you is an innerspring mattress.


Futon Materials

Futons come in all types of materials. A leather futon is the most common, and will give you a more high-end look. Many leather futons are tufted, which gives a nice appearance. You can also look into a futon sofa bed with a fabric material (or just a completely separate futon cover) for more color and pattern varieties. Microfiber is among the easiest to clean.


Additional Adjustment Features

Adjustable Futons

(Pictured: Abbyson Living Monroe Cappuccino Faux Leather Euro Lounger)


You will find that some bifold futons have separate adjustable seat backs. An adjustable futon gives you the option to raise only one seat back, or raise both seat backs to have it look like a traditional futon. You can still lay the futon sofa down to be completely flat. Sometimes a futon will have an adjustable back frame which allows you to adjust it to a 45 degree angle, along with its upright and flat down positions.

There are also some futons with adjustable armrests. The armrests can lay flat down when you convert the adjustable futon into a bed. You can even find a futon sofa bed with cup holders inside the armrests.


Convertible Chairs

Convertible Chairs

(Pictured: Abbyson Living Verona Graphite Fabric Convertible Chair / Bed)


A convertible chair (also referred to as a chair bed or a futon bed) is the best option if you are looking for a futon, but do not have a lot of space. It is also referred to as a trifold futon, because it folds in thirds lengthwise. This futon chair will fold out into a twin bed. If you want a full-size bed, you can get a convertible love seat. This has a similar design and setup, and also takes up less room than a standard futon sofa bed. Trifold futons are also available in queen and king sizes.


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