Your Guide to Buying an Armoire


An armoire is extremely useful for storing a variety of items, like everyday clothing, a television or computer, or your finest jewelry. Whether you are looking for a bedroom armoire or living room armoire, this guide will help you determine which key features you should look for while making your purchase.


Wardrobe Armoire

Wardrobe/TV Armoires

Wardrobe armoires and television armoires are built very similarly. The design usually consists of two tall cabinet doors on the top, and a few short drawers underneath. Although the design is similar for both, it is important to make sure you look for features you need that are best tailored to what you plan on using your armoire for. Some armoires are interchangeable and have removable features, which is ideal if you want an armoire dresser to store clothing, but still want the option to use it to hold your television down the road.

If you are looking to hang clothing in your wardrobe armoire, make sure it has a built-in rod. If you just want to use your clothing armoire to store extra folded items, you can find one with shelves in the top section that are usually adjustable (and sometimes removable.) You can sometimes find an armoire closet with cedar-lined drawers to help preserve clothing. If your bedroom has a more elegant style, an antique armoire will pull everything together.

(Pictured: American Drew Cherry Grove Armoire)


TV Armoire

A TV armoire will be able to store and display your television, and usually has a shelf right above or underneath to hold a cable box and DVD or Blu-ray player. This is a great addition to a bedroom or living room if you want the option to keep your television behind doors when it is not in use. An entertainment armoire will sometimes have a built-in power bar to organize wires, which is a neat feature. If you have a large movie collection, the bottom storage drawers of your television armoire can certainly come in handy. They are also great for storing cables or cords that are not in use.

Remember all TV armoires and their shelves are built differently, so make sure you measure thoroughly so your television can fit comfortably with a little room to spare. If you have a contemporary living room or bedroom, a black armoire will give you a sleek, modern look. A white armoire will blend in nicely with a coastal-style room.

(Pictured: Vaughan Bassett Armoire/Entertainment Center)



Computer Armoire

Computer Armoires

A computer armoire is ideal for holding a desktop computer. It usually has a top shelf with more than enough room to store a monitor, a pull-out shelf for a keyboard and mouse, and bottom shelves for a tower and printer. There is plenty of additional shelving to store external hard drives, CDs, and other computer accessories.

This setup allows you to easily pull over a chair and do work on your computer, and close it behind doors when you aren't using it. If you plan on keeping your computer in a living room or studio apartment, this is a great way to have the option of storing it in a nice piece of furniture with closeable doors. You can easily find a corner armoire that will give you storage for a computer without taking up much space.

(Pictured: Riverside Bridgeport Computer Armoire)



Jewelry Armoire

Jewelry Armoires

You can find a jewelry armoire with additional storage in its side doors and top compartment. The side doors will usually have hooks to hang your necklaces and ensure they are tangle free. An armoire with felt-lined storage will help preserve your fine jewelry and accessories, and keep them from snagging.

If your taste is more modern, try a mirrored jewelry armoire - it is a popular choice since it is stylish, and will give your accessories a more luxurious look. Fingerprints can be more visible on a mirrored armoire, so make sure you maintain proper care. A white jewelry armoire is also a good choice for a modern bedroom or living room. A French armoire will give you more of an antique look, and is available in nice wood finishes with elegant molding. You can even mix an antique armoire with modern pieces to give your bedroom a unique look.

(Pictured: Powell Jewelry Armoire)


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